DriveMount is a utilitarian device designed to streamline your experience recording to SSDs with high end video cameras.

Blackmagic Design released their new Pocket Cinema Camera 4K with a groundbreaking new feature: the ability to record straight to USB C connected solid state drives. The only problem is there’s no way to secure those drives to your camera.

DriveMount makes it easy to attach any 2.5” SSD to your camera or rig. It can mount through 1/4” threads, a standard hot shoe, or a 15mm rail system.

SoulCow is currently running a campaign to fund the production of DriveMount on Kickstarter. We have a dedicated team that has what it takes to bring this device to filmmakers everywhere.

If you’re not interested in supporting us financially we would greatly appreciate you sharing the project with your network or anyone interested in Blackmagic Pocket 4K.