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Product Launch / Equipment News

Chief John Martello

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The Order of the Skywatcher Clan (a non recognized Native American Indian tribe and 501c3 charity) is remaking amateur videos produced in 1992-93 by a tribe owned group called The Omega Society under the artist's company name; Omegaltd Productions. These were touted as NO BUDGET productions. The fourth episode in the scifi series; THE COMMANDER, was mentioned in the Hollywood Reporter.

The easiest one is called THE PROFESSOR and was intended to be a series to air on community TV, Youtube and so forth. The original version is posted on Youtube ( and is really bad and done with minim of costumes and effects....and cast for that matter.

With some new equipment, the best that was affordable for under $400, and video editing software the Skywatchers are remaking THE PROFESSOR with hopes it will result in fundraising for the tribe. The original cast is no longer available so the script is being rewritten to allow for one person, and some dummy stand ins, to play all the parts. The tribe can only offer a receipt for a tax deduction for time and services rendered, lunch, a copy of the completed film and the experience in film making, for those who would like to participate.

A documentary is also being made for the Remake showing set, prop and costume assembly and will probably be posted before filming begins on the actual film.

Some companies, whose products are used in creating the props and costumes, are being given credits in the film and tribal newsletter.. DecoArt paints are used on the props and mixed with ETI liquid latex rubber for creating make up appliances and masks. Both receive the newsletter as to follow the progress of the project and see their products used in the film.

THE PROFESSOR is a science comedy based completely on real and actual science, not exaggerated Hollywood science. It is about a genius (Franklin Nigel Steen -Originally played and created by George C. O'Brien) who is fairly anti-social and into the science for the sake of knowing. He is totally against the corrupt local governments, capitalists and environmentally destructive society that is slowly destroying the planet. He speaks in an almost robot sort of way and can make even the most exciting discoveries sound boring enough to place the audience into a comma. There is a running joke, where every one is constantly calling him Frank N. Stien). Has was given honorary degrees by Florida University (FU- hahah another running joke) so that they can capitalize off of his technology and discoveries. Steen only took the Professor position to gain access to certain items only a university has access to. In the first episode; GAS MASTER, a subterranean race of humans uses an unknowing simpleton; Marvin Schlepp (originally played by Arthur Dykeman) to clear the way for their return to the surface.