• Made possible through an exclusive partnership with leading L.A. agency Legend Locations
• The Santa Monca-based Giggster Concierge team includes five veteran agents with decades
of combined experience
• Designed to challenge traditional full-service agencies providing white glove service for any
complex shoot or event

“Giggster Concierge combines exceptional properties with on-demand 24/7 agency support.”

Since launching in early 2017 Giggster has emerged one of the fastest growing film-tech startups in
the country. Amidst this growth, we’ve worked to establish our industry credentials and build close
personal relationships with higher end of the location market. Giggster Concierge represents the
natural progression of this effort, combining the technology and innovation of our popular online
platform with the white-glove service demanded by clients of full service agencies.

“Giggster Concierge takes the guess work out of finding filming locations, combining
industry leading technology with a talented team of industry veterans.”

Our Giggster Concierge team has worked with a diverse list of production companies, agencies and
brands including Netflix, Adidas, Hulu, and H&M. We provide help at every step of the way, from
location search, custom file pulls and rate negotiation to permitting, contracts and wrap out.

• Skilled Agents - Available on-call
• Customized file pulls and contracts
• Permitting help and damage control
• Access to off-market locations

Giggster is a peer-to-peer online marketplace that connects content creators with property-owning
hosts. Launched in 2017 and based in Santa Monica, California, Giggster boasts over 4,000 film-friendly properties in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.