Alan Gordon Enterprises Announces New 6.6×6.6 Rota-Pola from Revar Cine

The Revar Cine Rota-Pola family is growing! Revar Cine, the most
popular and widely-used rotating polarizer, is introducing a new 6.6×6.6 size. It joins
the popular 4×5.65 Rota-Pola filter. The new tray houses an unmounted 162mmdiameter
circular polarizer and is designed to fit into 6.6×6.6 top-loading matte boxes.
Rotating the polarizer is made simple by accessing the gears at the top of the tray on
either side—No need to get a matte box with a rotating stage.
Like its brother, the new Rota-Pola tray is designed and manufactured in the USA from
the same lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum and poly materials. It boasts features
missing from other competitive products, such as standard 0.8 pitch gears on both
sides of the filter tray (allowing for adjustments to be made from either the operator or
assistant side of the camera) and a 1/4” clearance hole for the mounting of a motor.
The included filter is a 162mm-diameter mid-efficiency circular polarizer, manufactured
from Schott B270 glass. It features 38% transmission (1.5 stops of light loss) and
Broadband anti-reflective coating for reducing unwanted flares. The tray is also
available without glass so that customers can purchase and install their own polarizer
or special effects filters, if desired.
The 6.6×6.6/162mm Rota-Pola is now available for sale from stock and is
manufactured and distributed exclusively by Alan Gordon Enterprises. Visit for more information.

About Alan Gordon Enterprises
Alan Gordon Enterprises (est. 1946) is a Digital cinema and Motion picture film
equipment house located in Hollywood, California. They offer camera rentals and sales
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