Short films that turn your world upside down!

Shorts are still a viable entry into media and entertainment. They can stand alone, be pitched to funders for a feature length version of the same, become a pilot episode for Web Series or TV Show, be part of a compilation and much more. So, it is not surprise that in New Media Film Festival’s pivotal and prestigious 10-year anniversary that the Top 8 Short Film Nominees come from 8 different countries: Portugal, Spain, Vanuatu Islands, Argentina, Japan, Mexico and USA. Incredible “Vortex” by Abigail Cohen, outstanding “Just a Question” directed by Roy Eisenstein, Ferryman at the Wall which was produced in Mexico and the US and much more awaits you at the www.NewMediaFilmFestival.com June 4-6 2019 at The Landmark Theater W. Pico.

In a world where technology is ever-evolving, it is a story that will satiate the soul of humans. Not just any story, but stories worth telling. New Media Film Festival is a unique festival that diligently works to find opportunities, including distribution for almost all of the submitted content, not just those programmed. This festival gives an opportunity to all talented filmmakers around the world to be a part of history and to contribute to the development of cinema. World Premiers from the USA, UK, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, and Australia amongst many others together with VIP soirees, Q&A’s and panels are part of the festival programme.

Moreover, the 10th Annual Celebration New Media Film Festival has:

123 New Media Films & Content from 23 countries across 6 continents

Argentina—Australia—Canada—Colombia--Democratic Republic of Congo—France—Germany-Hong Kong—Iceland—Iran—Japan—Jordan—Moldova—Poland—Scotland--South Africa--South Korea—Spain—UK—USA--Vanuatu Islands—Zambia—Zimbabwe

New Media Film Festival:

- Susan Johnston, Media Futurist and President of Select Services Films, Inc. founded the critically acclaimed New Media Film Festival in 2009 to honor stories worth telling in the ever changing landscape of media, New Media.
- The Festival takes place 4th-6th of June 2019 at The Landmark W. Los Angeles CA
- The Festival also presents panels and Q & A’s to implement a more expansive use of 21st technology in storytelling for artists and content creators.
- Judges from Emmys, HBO, BMI, MARVEL, Grammy Awards & other Industry Leaders
47 World Premieres, 9 U.S. Premieres, 20 L.A. Premieres

Put your innovative work forward and join the unique community of content creators at www.NewMediaFilmFestival.com