CHARLESTON, SC (August 19, 2019) – 11 year ESPN veteran, Larissa Ross joins Global leader in production crewing, Assignment Desk, as its newest production coordinator.

“We’re very excited to have Larissa on our team. She’s had an immense impact on the production world already and we know she’ll up our game here.” says Assignment Desk Managing Partner, Shawn Moffatt.

Larissa is known in the production industry for her positive attitude and ability to make seemingly impossible shoots, flow seamlessly. During her time with ESPN, Larissa often coordinated extremely detailed shoots on a tight deadline. From NBA All Star games to several World Series, she’s managed the highest end shoots from start to finish.

“I love being in the intensity of the production world. A time that stands out to me that encompasses my love for the hustle is when I was prepping Sport Center’s 6 o’clock segment. Russell Wilson was available for a last minute interview before the show went live. We didn’t want to miss the opportunity, so an hour before the show I found a local crew with the appropriate transmission equipment. It was such a whirlwind, and by the time Russell sat down in the chair we had very little time to interview him and edit his piece into the segment. When the show went live, it looked seamless. Viewers would’ve never known it was a last minute portion that we added on,” says Ross.

About Assignment Desk
Assignment Desk’s focus is being a ‘white label’ partner of award-winning content, partnering with a vast array of broadcast and cable and digital networks and both television and commercial production companies. The company is known for its ability to service all genres – from every major sport, network news and entertainment companies, to an array of Fortune 500 and agency clients. A cornerstone of Assignment Desk’s approach is developing not only finding crews but the right crews, that are fully outfitted and vetted by the industry. (assignmentdesk.com)