How VICE Media uses API plus AI transcription to automate their S&P process


New York, New York

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Megan Linebarger

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VICE Media generates 200+ hours of programming annually, much of which contains potentially sensitive material. This creates a large-scale challenge for their Standards & Practices Team, who must scan through every video and mark down every potential infraction for multiple levels of sensitivity, and then load everything into a spreadsheet to facilitate international versioning and localization. Compounding the challenge is the potential for same-day airtimes, which significantly impacts the editorial team’s workflow.

The VICE S&P team was looking for a way to save time, as this created an extremely labor-intensive manual process. At NAB New York, Dee Wassell, Director of Media Operations at VICE Media and Ted Cost, Media Systems Developer at VICE Media, will be joined by Head of Platform Max Baehr for a presentation on how VICE implemented new technology to automate the massive task, and how other media organizations can do the same, regardless of scale.

These industry players will explore how helped VICE streamline their workflow by using’s API, AWS Transcribe, and a custom software layer in the middle to both automate and improve the S&P process. In minutes, this process not only generates the spreadsheet for internationalization, but adds frame-accurate comments to, indicating specific moments from the audio transcript as to exactly where sensitive material exists on the timeline. Instead of watching every minute of content, the S&P team can simply click on the comment to get to the precise frame where a particular word occurs.

Learn how VICE saves more than 100 eight-hour days each year by leveraging new technologies, such as AI with, to accelerate and modernize their creation and delivery process, at the 2019 NAB Show New York on Thursday, October 17th at 11:45AM. More details here: