NAB Show Express wrapped up last month, but it isn't over! Exhibitors have setup dynamic profiles for you to explore their products and take your questions. Content is available on-demand with more and more being added in the coming months. We'll continue to feature sessions covering the trends and topics relevant to your career to keep you up-to-speed and your skills sharp.

Rodrigo Prieto: Ask Me Anything About Filmmaking

Bring your questions for Prieto about the art and craft of cinematography, creative collaboration and about filmmaking, in general.

WATCH NOW: http://em.nabshow.com/ep0o2O03000RA409143ql0T

The Streaming Challenges That Just Won’t Go Away

Our panelists will share their thoughts on how streaming video providers are addressing these challenges, even as the market continues to evolve.

WATCH NOW: http://em.nabshow.com/y42Ao9lp0T0qORm01l00030

Radio’s Roadmap to Gen Z Listenership

Discover what audio is meaningful to this generation, how their habits have evolved in the last five years and what steps your radio station can take to entice them to tune in consistently.

WATCH NOW: http://em.nabshow.com/l2R9m000q4ol0O3T10p0n0A

What's Next? Virtual Production, Secure Cloud Workflows & Remote Finishing

DFT solved for collaborative/secure remote work years ago. This left us uniquely suited, post-COVID19, to transition from offices to homes overnight. Now: What's next?

WATCH NOW: http://em.nabshow.com/f000T0q0oP004R39ApOMl01

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