How to Capture Iconic Tabletop Food Commercial Shots


Product Launch / Equipment News

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Tasty Pictures is a production company based in Brisbane, Australia and one of the leading industry experts in tabletop food photography. Motion Control Operator and Cinematographer, Brendan Isaac (Instagram: @brendanisaac), gives an informative breakdown on how to capture some of the iconic tabletop shots you see in high-end commercials. Covering classic shots like fruit flying through the air, pasta tossing to majestic wine pouring, the video is a great behind the scenes look at how to achieve stunning slow-motion cinematography.

Although we highly recommend watching the whole video, here are some timings to see different breakdowns:

The flying foods shot @ 2:30
Pasta Tossing @ 5:04
Falling Onion Shot @ 5:57

If you have any questions about the shots, Brendan is happy to answer them, and you can reach him through his Instagram account above.