Cartoni unveils 3 new professional PTZ supports for added capability and versatility


Burbank, California

Product Launch / Equipment News

Tanya Lyon

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New supports were created in response to new demands for remote video production and automated image gathering

The effects of the global pandemic continue to impact the film and video industry, either halting production due to new infections or forcing talent to broadcast from their homes or with smaller crews. One of the consistent needs that have emerged is that of social distancing during video production and, by extension, the emerging need for remote video production and automated image gathering. These new needs have accelerated emerging trends in studio configurations and placed a greater emphasis on the use of PTZ cameras. While the latest generation of PTZ cameras can capture high-quality video production in studios, stadiums, lecture halls, churches, and other venues, these cameras have traditionally lacked camera supports, either being mounted on walls, ceilings, expensive camera supports meant for large cameras, custom attachments on truss or poles which made set up complicated.

With 85 years of experience in camera support systems, Cartoni has designed new practical and affordable solutions to support these needs, allowing PTZ cameras to be quickly and safely installed and moved to every location.
Cartoni unveils three new configurations to support the growing need to implement PTZ cameras in studios and talent homes.

1 – Lightweight Tripod/Dolly
This essential solution pairs a lightweight Cartoni tripod equipped with a half-ball camera attachment to easily attach to PTZ cameras. The entire set-up rests on a lightweight dolly, allowing studios to transport and move the set-up quickly and easily to create multiple studio configurations. This set-up comes equipped with a mid-level spreader.

Minimum Height 78 cm (30.7 inches)
Maximum Height 135 cm (32.7 inches)
Material Aluminum
Capacity 40 kg (88.2 lbs)
Weight 1.9 kg (4.2 lbs)
Bowl Diameter 100/75 mm

2 – Lightweight PTZ Stand
Cartoni’s new PTZ stand is extremely lightweight and versatile. It features a telescopic three-stage stand complete with a PTZ ball joint, allowing easy mounting of a PTZ camera. This lightweight PTZ stand is also equipped with a quick-release sliding plate that allows users to attach and center a PTZ camera quickly.

The stand also comes with rubber feet, which can be used alone or can be installed on Cartoni’s lightweight dolly.
Minimum Height 89 cm (35 inches)
Maximum Height 205 cm (80.7 inches)
Material Aluminum
Capacity 20 kg (44 lbs)
Weight 3.2 kg (7 lbs)

3 – Cartoni’s new P20 /PTZ pedestal
Cartoni’s new P20 pedestal with PTZ attachment gives PTZ cameras outstanding support. It allows camera operators to use PTZ cameras in super high set-ups, a vertical gliding movement of 40 cm stroke, and super-precise traveling ability on even floors.

Equipped with a flat 3/8, ¼” camera attachment, the P20/ PTZ pedestal enables the PTZ camera to be assisted by a teleprompter, making it ideal in newsrooms.

Minimum Height 74 cm (29.1 inches)
Maximum Height 171 cm (67.3 inches)
Material Aluminum
Payload Capacity 25 kg (55.1 lbs)
Weight 14 kg (30.9 lbs)
Minimum door track 67 cm (26.4 inches)
Maximum door track 97 cm (38.2 inches)
On-shot Stroke 40 cm (15.7 inches)
Maximum Pressure 13 stm (191.0 psi)