Ninja V Firmware Release 10.62


General / Miscellaneous

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We’re pleased to be releasing AtomOS 10.62 which includes added support for full adjustment of White Balance and ISO in ProRes RAW and other fixes for users.

Nikon Z 6II and Nikon Z 7II users we are pleased to be providing an update that adds support for full adjustment of White Balance and ISO in the ProRes RAW file recorded.
This will enable adjustment sliders in Final Cut Pro.

Please be aware that this update requires your Nikon camera to be updated to firmware v1.10 which will be released on the 25th February 2021 via the Nikon website.

10.62 also comes with fixes:
Enabled RGB parade and vectorscope which were previously disabled in firmware version 10.61. RGB parade and vectorscope are now available in all codecs in all video modes. The video modes affected were 4K UHD, 4K DCI below 29.97 fps and 2K DCI, HD video modes below 60 fps.
Fixed an issue where the Ninja V would sometimes not detect a 6K RAW video signal from the ZCam E2-S6, ZCam E2-F6 and ZCam E2-F8 in ProRes RAW mode. 

Corrected a character issue relating to Ninja V AID when activating codecs or function via

Missed the Ninja V AtomOS 10.61 update – then make sure you know what we have updated

Time-lapse - Users can record a time-lapse sequence where all frames are captured into a single video file. These recordings are possible in ProRes, DNx,and ProRes RAW over HDMI and SDI. Watch the video above to learn more about time-lapse. Improved signal locking for HDMI and SDI inputs - The introduced compatibility mode for both HDMI and SDI inputs improves signal locking from specific cameras.

Leica SL2S L-log monitoring 
Cross convert your HDMI/SDI video source - when Ninja V and AtomX SDI units are combined
The ability to record Apple ProRes RAW over SDI with the AtomX SDI module – Activation key from the Atomos website for $99 (for existing and new Ninja V and AtomX SDI module owners). More info at