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July 28, 2021: On this week's episode of Cinepod-The Cinematography Podcast, we feature cinematographer Adam Bricker on shooting the Emmy-nominated series Hacks, Chef’s Table and more.

Cinematographer Adam Bricker's most recent project is the HBO Max comedy series Hacks, which just earned him an Emmy nomination for best cinematography. Adam knew it's a rare thing to find a half-hour comedy with that level of cinema, and he was excited to shoot the show. Adam likes to set the look based on how the viewer is supposed to feel, and he makes notes in his scripts about what emotions should be felt in each scene. Most of Hacks is filmed on tripods and dollies, but for the verbal duels between characters Deborah Vance and Ava, her young comedy writer/protégé, Adam chose to shoot handheld, which gives those scenes more energy and naturalism.

The Netflix series Chef’s Table has taken Adam all over the world. As one of the primary DPs of Chef’s Table, Adam and show creator David Gelb have established the artistic look of the modern cuisine documentary as a "food symphony" which has since been imitated by countless other food shows. For him, it’s been a dream job to explore new places, eat amazing food at excellent restaurants and work with good friends on the crew.

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