ALIBI Music Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month with Three New Latin Albums

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LOS ANGELES – September 14, 2021 – To help usher in National Hispanic Heritage Month on September 15, ALIBI Music is dropping three exceptional Latin albums. The new production music releases – Norteño, Cumbia and Merengue – embody the spirit, energy and distinctiveness of three traditional Latin music styles, tapping into the culture that makes them so special.

Each album features tracks that are specially structured for syncing to video, as well the stems, alt versions and cutdowns that give content editors multiple options for customization. ALIBI’s three new Latin music releases include:

Norteño (17 tracks, 510 audio files)

A collection of bouncy, frantic and driving tracks packed full of feel-good energy and fun. Popping brass, strummed acoustic guitars and mischievous basslines play off against modern four-on-the-floor drums. And, of course, most tracks have the distinctive sound of the accordion, which is integral to the style. Perfect for capturing a carnival or party mood, many of these songs also feature Spanish-language vocals. Listen:

Cumbia (15 tracks, 515 audio files)

An authentic collection of tracks based on this traditional Latin American musical style. Featuring loose, swaggering percussion, accordions, plodding acoustic guitars and laid-back basslines, this album also includes Spanish-language lyrics. With its folkish and at-times playful, quirky sound, this album is well-suited to anything from animated shows and adventure games to travel programming and documentaries. Listen:

Merengue (15 tracks, 470 audio files)

An authentic take on this frantic, energetic and fun genre of Latin music, featuring driving pacing percussion, bouncy strummed acoustic guitars, mischievous basslines and raucous brass. Packed full of relentless energy and fiery spirit, each of these cues is guaranteed to keep the pace up and is perfect for world and travel programming, fun adventure games, comedy films, kids shows and much more. Listen:

ALIBI’s Latin production music has been used in such high-profile projects as the official film trailer for “New Order” (featuring “Mas Que Amigos”), this national commercial for Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal (featuring “En Altdente”) and the official trailer for “The Jesus Rolls” (featuring “Calabres”), among others.

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