Announcing the first Product Intelligence Platform™ for the Broadcast & Film Industry


Winston Salem, North Carolina

Product Launch / Equipment News

Tobias Keuthen

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BEAM Dynamics introduces BeamON™:
The First Product Intelligence Platform™ for the Broadcast Industry

The launch is BEAM's first, just weeks after winning NAB's prestigious
2021 PILOT innovation award

- BEAM Dynamics is the first product intelligence platform that addresses the problem of downtime on set, estimated to cost our industry $6 Billion per year

- BeamONTM offers a single interface to manage high-end production technology assets across an entire organization

- The unique online platform bridges the communication barrier between broadcasters and hundreds of manufacturers to help productions stay on-air, on time, and on budget.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina (October 6, 2021) — BEAM Dynamics, winner of the NAB 2021 PILOT innovation awards, introduces BeamON. This platform allows broadcasters to see a comprehensive overview of the technology used across studios, control rooms, ENG, and IT infrastructure. As the first-of-its-kind Product Intelligence Platform, Beam helps engineering teams manage thousands of unique pieces of production equipment in a single user interface - whether it's product logistics, software/firmware updates, or maintenance.

Imagine a teleprompter drops out midway through a live production, or a lighting grid suddenly turns off during taping. Downtime as a result of product failure is estimated to be a $6 Billion problem in the broadcast industry alone. While common business systems like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) have digitized the back office, and AI has taken center stage in the media supply chain, technology management still relies on analog and fragmented workflows. These outdated workflows are labor-intensive – requiring manual data entry and monitoring from a dedicated internal workforce.

"We visited hundreds of studios and continued to see the same problem on set: engineers were managing thousands of pieces of mission-critical products with outdated and cobbled-together tools, complaining about how to keep up with product updates, maintenance, and service," says David Kaszycki, CEO and co-founder of BEAM Dynamics.

With BeamON, engineering teams gain instant visibility to their entire production inventory across departments and regions. BEAM customers also receive product update notifications, failure warnings and can visualize important product lifetime events in a single user interface. They also benefit from one unified service process for all product vendors represented in their production workflow.

Each year downtime has the potential to cost TV stations tens of thousands of dollars. This puts the engineering team under a lot of pressure to manage individual products to stay on-air, let alone a studio with hundreds of individual products. BEAM enables them to manage their technology more easily and reduce downtime on top of it.

BeamON will be available via BEAM's sales organization starting October 5, including a dedicated onboarding service. For more information on BeamONTM, please visit


BEAM Dynamics is a US-based SaaS company, offering a unique cloud-based product intelligence platform. Our mission is to help productions stay on air, on time, and on budget. The BeamON platform bridges the communication barrier between manufacturers and product owners. It helps production studios and networks manage the lifecycle of their high-value asset, reduce operational downtime and lower the total cost of ownership of production equipment through intelligent and actionable data.

BeamON Factsheet

How does this product benefit the person who is using it day-to-day?

For team leaders of engineering and operations departments, the platform helps them track production downtime across their entire organization. This allows them to allocate resources better, make purchase decisions and report on the lifecycles and costs of running their studio.
For engineers and operation managers, BeamONTM helps solve upcoming product issues internally and ultimately much faster before reaching out to the manufacturer or raising service tickets. This ultimately reduces downtime on set and provides these individuals a single portal to manage all aspects surrounding the upkeep of their technology and equipment used on set.

How does this product benefit the facility that buys it?

Ultimately, it reduces operational costs by reducing downtime, better use of engineering resources, and negotiating better product and service contracts with manufacturers, system integrators, and resellers.

Does this product require any other equipment or software?

No, BeamONTM is a cloud-based service and only requires a web browser to access and operate.

Which products compete directly or can be replaced with the new product?

BeamONTM replaces spreadsheets commonly used for technology asset management, as well as internal service ticket platforms and equipment reporting tools.

What is the cost/pricing structure of the product?

Pricing is available via BEAM's sales organization. We offer an attractive early bird discount to interested TV corporations until the end of 2021. You can specifically reach out to David Kaszycki at or call BEAM at 336-747-0624 for early bird pricing.

Is there a product solution partner to be acknowledged?

Not one in particular. It is worth mentioning that we partner with many of the industry's leading manufacturers to keep feeding the platform with fresh and dynamic product data, updates, lifecycle notifications, and service contacts.