Rapid change, particularly convergence across different areas of the media industry, over recent years has transformed the way media is created, managed, distributed, consumed and monetized. Coupled with that, NAB spent time seeking input from attendees and exhibitors from various communities about how NAB Show can better facilitate networking, discovery and education. With this shift and industry input, NAB is unveiling a reimagined show floor.

NAB Show will present products, technologies and exhibitors within three area destinations on the show floor that reflect the content life cycle: Create, Connect and Capitalize, with an Intelligent Content showcase. Each of these destinations within the Central, North and West Halls feature Experiential Zones that focus on Inspiration, Innovation and Implementation.

There will be a lot going on, sometimes simultaneously, in these zones to provide a variety of engagement opportunities for visitors, from theaters running daily education content to hands-on demonstrations to startup displays and unique networking forums. With respect to the latter, NAB Show is introducing a series of roundtable discussions that will provide great networking and the opportunity to dive deep with peers on key industry topics.

Experiential Zones sessions will begin Sunday, April 24, and end either Tuesday or Wednesday, April 26 or 27, depending on their location.


Located in the North Hall, the zone features networking opportunities for attendees, including informal roundtable discussions with peers in the industry. Participants in each roundtable session will discuss ideas and find solutions to everyday challenges. The roundtables, taking place Sunday through Tuesday, address Web3 strategy, fan engagement and data strategies. Attendees who wish to participate must add a session to their MYS planner to RSVP.


Located in the North Hall, NABiQ sessions are facilitated workshops that harness the power of teamwork to innovate around a real-world challenge. The lineup of challenges includes producing the ultimate local audience checklist and auditing the value of local data inventing a new audience-based advertising offer to sell to advertisers. Nine 90-minute sessions will run from Sunday through Wednesday. Attendees who wish to participate need to add a session to their MYS planner to RSVP.


Also located in the North Hall, sessions presented will help attendees learn to create revenue for their stations or brands using immersive technology in sports broadcasting, edutainment on TV and exploring new content categories such as health and wellness. Sessions run Sunday through Wednesday.


This area of the West Hall show floor offers “how-to” sessions where attendees can learn to produce hybrid events, build a compact, live-streaming kit and set up for virtual production with advice from manufacturers at the show. There are several networking roundtables included in this area, which attendees need to add to their MYS planner to RSVP to attend. Sessions run Sunday through Wednesday.

“The ‘NextGen Now’ area provides an overview of NextGen TV workflow as it is being used today,” said Dennis Klas, HVS president and owner. “As an experienced integrator involved in over 30 ATSC 3.0 market launches, HVS [will showcase] 3.0 equipment from multiple manufacturers and explain their function within the air-chain.”

His company is ready to assist prospective ATSC 3.0 adopters with “real-world guidance” on implementing NextGen TV workflows.

Visitors to the exhibit can see end-to-end 3.0 encoding and transmission via the following setups:

Synamedia encoding followed by a Triveni Digital ROUTE/Gateway feeding a Rohde exciter and displayed on a Samsung receiver.

Ateme encoding via an Enensys ROUTE/Gateway and sent to a Teamcast exciter with display on an LG Electronics TV.

Harmonic encoding with a DigiCAP ROUTE/Gateway feeding a GatesAir exciter and displayed on a Sony NextGen receiver.
Demos will include a look at the various graphical user interfaces associated with these three “air chains,” and the various 3.0 parameter settings available. The NextGen Now exhibit will feature equipment from DS Broadcast, SAF, Sencore, VideoFlow, Video Clarity and DekTec.


Also in the West Hall, this zone features more NABiQ networking challenges running Sunday through Wednesday. Participants can RSVP to design the future streaming platform or toolkit of the future for a content delivery engineer. This area also features presentations from PILOT Innovation Challenge winners, which are open to all attendees.


Sessions in this area run from Sunday through Wednesday in the West Hall. Attendees can learn more about ATSC 3.0 datacasting, broadcast radio and Android Automotive in cars, global Ultra HD coverage of Summer and Winter Olympic Games, and get a progress report on the deployment of emergency alerting and informing services.


This area in the West Hall offers several networking roundtable discussions, for which participants must RSVP. Other sessions include topics such as producing hybrid events, as well as color correction and editing in Final Cut Pro and Premier Pro. Sessions run Sunday through Tuesday.


Running from Sunday through Wednesday in the North Hall, this zone features more NABiQ networking challenges. Participants will work together to build the perfect production crew, map out the ultimate product workflow or conceptualize a metaverse content pitch for funding. Attendees must add sessions to their MYS planner to RSVP.


Sessions run Sunday through Tuesday in the Central Hall. Included in the lineup are a presentation by #GALSNGEAR on remote workflows with creative results, a nuts-and-bolts session on podcast production management, and a conversation with Caroline Beasley of Beasley Media Group about the company’s ventures in broadcasting, digital, esports and the dashboard.


There are two sessions scheduled in this area in the West Hall. The Sunday session looks at the continued expansion of legal sports betting. Attendees can explore the next level of fan engagement driven by businesses that leverage data and analytics to enhance audience experience. In a Tuesday Q&A session, the Media Ratings Council will discuss its role in the audience measurement ecosystem, the renewed public scrutiny of audience measurement services and its perspective on new measurement techniques.