Chicago, IL (July 6th 2022) – Visions of Light, Inc. announces the expansion into high speed camera and cinema robot rentals as well as the opening of Precision Cinema.

Visions of Light’s newly acquired Vision Research Phantom Veo4k Camera offers speeds of 1,000fps in 4k resolution and 1,970fps in 2k. The Veo4k uses the same sensor as the larger Phantom Flex 4k in a smaller body perfect for tabletop, gimbal and remote work. The camera is outfitted with the 10G ethernet option, enabling lightning fast file transfers directly to a computer.

In addition to the Phantom Veo4k, Visions of Light now offers the Motorized Precision Mia Cinema Robot. The Mia is a high speed cinema robot that creates precise, repeatable moves. Because of its small size, the Mia is perfect for tight spaces and tabletop work. The compact robot has a minimal 2ft square footprint and is powered by a standard outlet enabling it to fit into nearly any space. Additionally, Visions of Light designed and built a custom control desk for easy control of the robot, Phantom camera, DMX lighting, rigs and external triggers, file downloading, playback and more, all with a single operator.

Additionally, Visions of LIght opened Precision Cinema, a tabletop and product-focused studio in Carol Stream, Illinois. The studio offers a 25’ x 25’ shooting space with a kitchen set, equipment prep space, client lounge and full prep kitchen. In addition to the Mia robot and Phantom camera, the studio offers the Red 8K Helium camera and high speed LED lighting. Complex shots are made possible by an array of custom rigs including turntables, catapults, launchers, pourers, droppers, conveyor belts, tanks and more - all able to be timed and triggered with the camera and robot.

For more information please visit our websites at www.visionsoflight.com and www.precisioncinema.tv.

About Visions of Light, Inc.

Visions of Light is a family-owned equipment rental and crewing company run by Joseph and
Megan Farris. Joseph Farris is a DP and Gaffer with over 25 years experience. Megan Farris is a production coordinator and Makeup artist with over 18 years experience. We have supplied dependable crews and reliable equipment to projects for Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, television networks, and production companies in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. Our personalized approach makes Visions of Light your best resource for putting your production together. Give us a call for all your camera, lighting, grip, sound, and crew needs.

Press Contact:
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