NAB Show 2023: Meet Sparkup, the leading French platform for real-time immersive and interactive livestream experiences


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PARIS, March 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Sparkup, a French startup specializing in real-time audience engagement for large-scale virtual and hybrid experiences will be introducing their platform to the US market at the NAB Show 2023 in Las Vegas from April 16 to 19.

The unique combination of immersive ultra-low latency video and interactivity

Sparkup is a platform that helps organizations grab and hold their audience's attention, whether they're hosting business events, conferences, company events, game shows, sport and esport events, entertainment events or learning and development events.

The platform provides a virtual audience technology that pulls video feeds from online viewers to generate a large-scale video mosaic with no attendance capacity limitations and AI-based moderation to get full control over the look of the show. The video mosaic can then be customized to match the brand and scenography and be displayed on any type of screens (LED, Green screens) or be integrated into 3D backgrounds for extended reality purposes, to create an even deeper immersion. Speakers on stage can finally see their online audience and get that vital non-verbal feedback, and online viewers can watch the event from a front row, completely immersive seat, as if they were teleported in the room!

Once people are teleported, Sparkup turns top down communication into a dynamic experience with audience interaction widgets. Easily add polls, quizzes, chat, Q&A, live emojis or let people raise their hand if you them to jump on stage, and make the audience an active part of the experience. Widgets are seamlessly embedded with live video to keep viewers glued to their screen.

Sparkup is built on a modern video platform that delivers ultra-low latency video at scale to create truly real-time interactions with the audience, no matter their device or location.

See photos of Sparkup in action here

Meet Sparkup at NAB Show
Sparkup will be at the NAB Show expo from April 16 to 19. Find them in the WEST HALL, on the French pavilion, booth #W3220. They will perform live demos of the platform, a great opportunity to see how it is possible to teleport remote attendees to an event venue and create shared interactive video experiences.

About Sparkup
Sparkup was created in 2021 to help companies and leaders create memorable virtual and hybrid events. Sparkup combines audience interaction and real-time video communication to create highly interactive and immersive experiences.

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