edgefactory Brings Custom, Broadcast-Style Video to Quest 2023 Conference Making Event Attendees A Part of the Meeting


Orlando, Florida

Industry Event Announcements


Dara Begley

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At the end of February, Quest Software held its annual sales kickoff event “Quest Sko 2024” in person, for the first time in three years. This meeting is held to prepare employees for Quest's 2024 fiscal year. Around 1,200 employees gathered at the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas, with their game faces on— the overarching theme of the multi-day event was “Game on”, which was frequently mentioned and ingrained into the branding, activities and entertainment during the corporate event.

As corporate events continue to evolve, attendees are more often looking for a memorable experience. Facilitating intentional audience participation and forging these shared experiences is a great way to make sure that employees leave a corporate event feeling connected and excited about the time they spent there. Planning intentional moments for participation and considering details about music, lights, visuals, and creative branding all work together to create an event experience that will evoke the desired emotion. Quest wanted to create an event that prioritized both the professional development of its sales team, and also make an opportunity to have its team connect further and boost morale for the new fiscal year.

To strengthen these team connections and involve Quest employees in the experience of the conference, edgefactory created an interactive TV Channel called “QTV”, that played custom videos created for specific days and business sessions. These video segments called the Pregame Show, featured interactive interviews with conference attendees, important announcements, and other content all featuring employees attending the event.

To make QTV an exciting, truly personalized and interactive experience, edgefactory brought on comedian Mike Carr to be the channel's host. The QTV anchor— appropriately named Ryan C Quest— filmed unique interviews and segments with attendees each day, that were edited and turned around overnight by the edgefactory team to be played every morning to kick off the day. Not only did QTV play in the main sessions, but custom QTV segments were created for each sales team’s breakout sessions, featuring interviews with attendees from that team. Creating custom iterations of the Pregame Show made conference attendees feel more involved in the experience because the content was tailor-made for them. Attendees were able to interact with the host of QTV and eagerly waited to see if they would be featured in the five-minute-long QTV segment each morning. B-roll from the day's attendee interviews and segments continually played on the digital signage spread throughout the hotel.

In addition to QTV, edgefactory created all the digital content and designed print signage, all packaged and branded in Quest’s “Game On” theme, to drive home the event experience. edgefactory designed hundreds of dynamic PowerPoint slides in the event theme to keep the audience engaged and immersed in the experience. Digital signage, print signage, lighting, visuals and audio all worked together to create the experience.

“What a joy it was to add some wow for this audience! Each day we created daily highlight video content with energy, emotion, and edge for the individual business unit sessions where a majority of their videos showcased the staff from those specific teams. We called this “The Pregame Show” as the entire meeting was packaged to go with the event’s sports-related theme, "Game On." To really drive home the authentic sports feel, we used a dynamic and entertaining host for these segments who felt like he was plucked right from the sidelines. He treated each interviewee as if they were an athlete getting ready for the big game and brought an added level of energy that helped hype up the crowd each day. Not only was this a great way to engage the audience and make them feel like a part of the show, but it added a thrill to each morning as the attendees waited to see whose interviews would make the big screen” said Brian Cole, President of edgefactory.