Based in Islamabad, Pakistan, global Urdu entertainment and news provider Hum Network, Ltd. delivers diverse programming to South Asians located around the world. The network recently set out to enhance its broadcast capabilities and optimize operations, with an eye on adopting the latest IP encoding technology. The project involved the migration of its entire office to another city; developing an IP-based system to support channel delivery to three European regions, with separate commercial break triggers using SCTE104/35 conversion; and establishing direct, point-to-point connections to support channel distribution across regions. The AJA BRIDGE LIVE IP video workflow bridge played an integral role in supporting all three efforts.

Previously, Hum Network relied on a content delivery network for channel delivery, which racked up costly distribution fees. Muhammad Tariq, Assistant Vice President at Hum Network, knew that moving away from this approach would require secure, reliable IP encoding technology with support for the latest protocols. After evaluating several options, he and the team opted to deploy BRIDGE LIVE. Equipped with 12G-SDI I/O, plus the power and flexibility to enable real-time bidirectional encoding, decoding, and transcoding for critical UltraHD and HD workflows, it was an ideal fit for Hum’s needs.

With multichannel SRT and support for SCTE-35/104, BRIDGE LIVE has empowered Hum to efficiently deliver multiple channels over the same network infrastructure, streamline commercial break triggering with precision, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with industry standards. It has also helped Hum significantly enhance the viewer experience by supporting seamless transitions between programming and commercials.

Tariq shared, “BRIDGE LIVE has quickly become a powerhouse for our operations, enabling flexible IP encoding and ensuring secure, low-latency channel delivery over the public internet; we also love that it can stream point-to-multipoint. It’s been instrumental in smoothly carrying out our vision for the network and ensuring an optimal viewing experience for audiences.”

Hum’s new setup encompasses studios and PCRs (production control rooms) equipped with professional broadcast cameras, production switchers, a virtual set, and recording devices, all configured to record in the Apple ProRes HQ/LT format. Its editing and post production facilities utilize multiple editing, real-time graphics, motion graphics, and title systems. For MCR (master control room) playouts, the network relies on TOA (Tools on Air) Apple-based systems, with multiple MCR switchers, all managed seamlessly with Promise NAS (network attached storage).

4K content is acquired in Hum’s Karachi facilities via HDDs (hard disk drives ) or a LAN (local area network) using an FTP client, uploaded to a server, routed, then delivered via MultiNet at 50 Mbps CIR or via PTCL at 100 Mbps to its Islamabad facility. There, it’s received via MultiNet at 50 Mbps CIR or NAYATEL at 100 Mbps CIR and routed to another FTP server. Content is encoded/decoded/transcoded by one BRIDGE LIVE that feeds a DAS (direct attached storage) controller. That content is then encoded/decoded/transcoded by another BRIDGE LIVE unit and made available to Hum’s creative and international editing departments, interactive department, and its MCR playout systems -- each of which also leverages additional BRIDGE LIVE units.

A long-time AJA user of products like Ki Pro recording devices, KUMO routers, Mini-Converters, HELO, Io X3, and Io 4K Plus, Hum considered BRIDGE LIVE based on its past experiences with AJA equipment. Tariq concluded, “The synergy of reliability, performance, and versatility offered by AJA equipment consistently contributes to operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness across our productions and operations. It's that winning combination that makes AJA gear an integral part of our success story.”


Developed in cooperation with streaming software experts Comprimato, BRIDGE LIVE is a turnkey solution built for critical streaming and contribution applications with high performance 12G-SDI video encoding/decoding, stream-based transcoding, with flexible 12G-SDI I/O, comprehensive metadata and closed caption support, all within a compact 1RU form factor with redundant power supplies. www.aja.com/bridge-live.

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