Orchestral Tools Announces Black Friday Sale, 50% off Berlin Series Collections

Berlin, Germany, November 16, 2023 – Orchestral Tools has announced that their flagship Berlin Series orchestra collections and bundles will be available for 50% off from November 16, 2023 until December 3, 2023. The sale includes all of the main Berlin Series collections—Woodwinds, Strings, Brass, and Percussion—as well as all of the supplementary bundles including the Berlin Series Main Collections, Character Strings, and Berlin Woodwinds Soloists. Combined, these elements have made the Berlin Series one of the most comprehensive and versatile orchestral libraries ever created, favored by top composers around the world as well as educational institutions such as Berklee College of Music. For more information and to purchase, please click here.

Unmatched depth and detail
​Meticulously recorded with first call musicians at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin, the Berlin Series has become the premium standard for composers around the world due to its unmatched depth and detail of sound. Separately, each section of this modular orchestra is a complete sonic statement with a versatile range of articulations and character sounds that can mesh into any project or composition with ease. Together, the true power of the Berlin Series is realized as a vast and flexible virtual orchestra that is equally adept for classical composition as it is for cinematic scoring, sound design, and modern music production.

“The Berlin Series represents the pinnacle of our sampling expertise and we believe it truly sets the standard for sound quality, flexibility of orchestration, and intuitive playability,” said Orchestral Tools Founder and CEO Hendrik Schwarzer. “With this year’s Black Friday sale, we wanted to make these tools even more accessible to musicians and composers around the world—and give them access to the best sounds that we’ve ever created.”

Berlin Series Main Collections - €949 (Regularly €1,899)
Berlin Strings Bundle - €849 (Regularly €1,699)
Berlin Character Strings - €225 (Regularly €449)
Berlin Woodwinds Bundle - €499 (Regularly €999)
Berlin Woodwinds Soloists - €149 (Regularly €299)
Berlin Woodwinds - €325 (Regularly ​ €649)
BWW Soloists 1 - €125 (Regularly €250)
BWW Soloists 2 - €105 (Regularly €210)
BWW Additional Instruments - €75 (Regularly €149)
Woodwinds SFX - €125 (Regularly €249)
Berlin Orchestra created with Berklee - €425 (Regularly €849)
Berlin Strings - €420 (Regularly €840)
Berlin Symphonic Strings - €275 (Regularly €549)
Berlin Con Sordino Strings - €249 (Regularly ​ €499)
Berlin Strings Special Bows 1 - €105 (Regularly €210)
Berlin Strings Special Bows 2 - €65 (Regularly €129)
Strings SFX - €125 (Regularly €249)
First Chairs - €149 (Regularly €299)
Berlin Brass - €399 (Regularly €799)
Muted Brass - €149 (Regularly €299)
Berlin Percussion - €249 (Regularly €499)
Berlin Harpsichords - €49 (Regularly €99)
For more information and to purchase, please visit: www.orchestraltools.com

About Orchestral Tools
​Orchestral Tools makes premium-quality sampled instruments for professional composers. Notable libraries include the Berlin Series, Metropolis Ark, Tallinn, Tom Holkenborg’s Brass and Percussion, created in collaboration with composer Tom Holkenborg, and Phoenix Orchestra, created in collaboration with composers Harry Gregson-Williams and Richard Harvey. Originally founded in 2005 by Hendrik Schwarzer, Orchestral Tools operates internationally from its base in Germany, with offices in Freiburg and Berlin.