FutureVideo Launches Multi-View®HD Pro Video Player/Editor PC Software Version 2.0


Laguna Niguel, California

Product Launch / Equipment News


Stephen E. Godfrey, Director of Business Development

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FutureVideo Launches Multi-View®HD Pro Video Player/Editor PC Software Version 2.0

28 November 2023, Laguna Niguel, California—Multi-Channel Video Recording and Streaming pioneer FutureVideo Products, Inc. announced today that it has released an updated and enhanced version of its Multi-View HD Pro Multicam Video Player/Editor Software.

The new 2.0 version is uniquely well-suited to multicam video applications where the purpose is to evaluate a subject’s performance or behavior during an event--or a manufacturing process--taken from various camera views. The software is ideal for a broad range of applications in training, behavioral studies, and debriefing.

Up to 8 clips taken from multiple cameras can be played back at the same time--synchronously or independently. Event marking with annotation can be done on a frame-by-frame basis using the built-in logging tools. Multi-View HD Pro's AutoProducer feature can quickly create edited videos that can be sent to a USB drive or uploaded to YouTube or a FTP site with a mouse click via the built-in utility.

According to Stephen Godfrey, FutureVideo's Director of Business Development, "The proliferation of action, body-worn, and drone cameras has created a need for better software tools for these users' applications. Traditional editing software is complex and lacks the specialized capabilities Multi-View HD Pro provides. Mobile multicam users engaged in sports training, police/military training, medical/EMT training, and numerous other applications in harsh or demanding work environments will find much to like with Multi-View HD Pro.”

Multi-View HD Pro imports video files into its built-in SQL database which organizes and structures them into projects. Users will find the “project-based” workflow to be dramatically more efficient. Plus, Multi-View HD Pro automatically imports proxies created as GoPro .LRV and DJI .LRF files. This eliminates the need for the user to spend time creating them.

Multi-View HD Pro supports UHD/FHD .mp4 video files using H.264/MPEG-4 ISO encoding with AAC audio (a selectable option on GoPro and DJI cameras) up to 3840 x 2160 resolution. Output formats depend on which codecs have been installed (2.0 includes H.264/AVC1, MPEG-4, MJPEG). Others (e.g., H.265/HEVC) are expected to become available as options.

Multi-View HD Pro has a MSRP of $995 (USA). Additional user licenses are available. A free trial version is soon to be available from the FutureVideo.tv website.