Motion Picture Connectivity Company Bit Part Debuts bitbox Remote Camera Control Radio at Annual NAB Show

New York, New York

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Motion Picture Connectivity Company Bit Part Debuts bitbox Remote Camera Control Radio at Annual NAB Show

LAS VEGAS, NV, April 14, 2024 – Helping movie industry technicians deliver better quality footage more efficiently, motion picture connectivity company Bit Part today unveiled its new remote camera control radio, bitbox, at the annual NAB Show (West Hall booth # W3921Y) in Las Vegas. Bitbox offers interference-free camera control from ultra-long ranges to help cinematographers, DITs, and ACs save valuable time, money and labor throughout the entire production process.

Whether it’s filming in challenging lighting conditions or shooting from atop a large crane, bitbox’s 915 MHz system can remotely control filters, camera settings, live color grading and more in virtually any environment. With a simple push-button interface and sub-five second boot-up time, bitbox helps camera technicians remotely manage their shots from thousands of feet away. Bitbox does all of this without the challenges of spectrum interference, the need for mesh systems, or the need for expensive and complicated DIY solutions.

"In an industry where precision and speed are must-haves, navigating the complexities of remote camera control has long been one of the biggest obstacles for camera professionals,” said Damon Meledones, co-founder of Bit Part. “From spectrum overload to closed systems, the challenges are formidable. With its ability to penetrate objects, long range connectivity and instant boot times, bitbox is making film technicians' lives easier so they can focus on what truly matters: creating art."

Bitbox works by leveraging existing networks and operates seamlessly by mimicking the functionality of plugging into a switch for both connected devices, providing a uniform experience at each end of the connection with zero wireless configuration. Film technicians then simply set their camera’s IP to match their existing network setup. Bitbox can be deployed across a wide range of cameras and accessories from brands including Sony, Arri, RED and Vision Research (makers of Phantom). Bitbox units can be reserved now and will be available in the second half of 2024; retail pricing will be announced during NAB.

“As a DIT, achieving the highest possible image quality is the holy grail of film production,” said Sean Sweeney, a DIT and bitbox beta tester. “Bitbox has excelled in every single shooting scenario I’ve thrown at it in some of the worst lighting conditions imaginable. Its simplicity is unmatched among any camera control solution on the market today and enables me to be laser focused on creating.”

About Bit Part, LLC
Founded in March 2023 and based in New York, Bit Part is a film production connectivity company serving productions of all sizes and the technicians who work on them. Bit Part is dedicated to helping film technicians produce better quality filmmaking through innovative, user-focused technology. The company’s first product, bitbox, was designed from scratch by cinema professionals with their own carts, builds and workflows in mind. Bit Part is fully committed to following sustainable manufacturing and fair labor practices in all aspects of its production, manufacturing and day-to-day operations.