Universal Production Music Expands ‘Power to the People’ Initiative, Dedicated to Championing Black Songwriters and Producers in Production Music


Santa Monica, California

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Nelly Tadevosyan

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SANTA MONICA — Universal Production Music, the world’s leading production music company, today announced the expansion of ‘Power to the People,’ a global initiative that champions Black artists, songwriters and producers in production music. This expanded program seeks to identify and develop Black production music songwriters, artists, musicians and producers, and elevate their work in areas including licensing and sync.

“We believe that diversity drives creativity, innovation and success,” said Jane Carter, President, Universal Production Music. “Power to the People is focused on fostering an environment in production music that promotes inclusivity. True progress and meaningful change can only be achieved when all voices are celebrated, heard, valued and uplifted.”
For the past four years, Universal Production Music has celebrated Black History Month with the release of ‘Power to the People,’ a series spanning four albums to-date with music across Afrobeat, Pop, Hip Hop, Punk and R&B. The songs have been featured on major networks (The CW, FOX, ESPN, CBS, NBC), video games (2K and EA Sports), sports broadcasts (NFL, NBA), political campaigns and more.
“Driven by our goal to actively expand and diversify our music offering in a meaningful way, Power To The People provides opportunity to songwriters who create their music through the lens of their culture and life experience, which, in turn allows us to provide our clients with the authentic and inspired music their content demands,” said Todd King, VP of Licensing & Partnerships.

With a presence in more than 33 countries around the globe, Universal Production Music is uniquely positioned to identify and engage with artists across a range of genres and cultures. “In a competitive market where clients seek authenticity, quality and innovation, this initiative emphasizes the importance of not only the music but also how and by whom it is created,” said Geoff Cox, Senior Director, Global Repertoire. “This initiative creates space for Black artists to share their unique lived experience. That’s not something that exists across this industry and you don’t hear these stories being told or the platform being given to Black artists the way they deserve.” said Christina May, Head of Music Direction.

The company is focused on delivering authentic, regionally-produced music through its global production teams, working with local talent in cities such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Nashville, the Bay Area and worldwide. Universal Production Music’s roster of talent includes Charles "Chizzy” Stephens, Troi Irons, Shardé, Alexander Hitchens, Jay Ham, Brandon B Lowe, PRKR, Yel, S.O., Bri Biase, Mayila Jones, Amber Dión, Kaien Cruz & many more.

“We continue to empower Black creatives through multi-faceted projects,” said Luke Spry,Producer. “We work diligently every day to discover new artists of all races, genders and backgrounds.”

About Universal Production Music
Universal Production Music, a division of Universal Music Publishing Group and Universal Music Group, is the world’s leading production music company. Home to an award-winning catalog spanning all genres, moods, emotions and project types, Universal Production Music creates, produces and licenses music for use in film, television, advertising, broadcast and other media.
Universal Production Music has a suite of global production music labels including Abbey Road Masters, Capitol Studio Masters, Chronic Trax, EVO, BBC Production Music, Front Runners, Ninja Tune Production Music, Atmosphere, Chappell, Galerie, Koka Media, Match Music, Berlin Production Music, and many more. For more information, visit: www.universalproductionmusic.com.

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