Podcaster and On-air Personality Humberto “El Gato” Rodriguez Gets Real With KRK

New York, New York

Product Launch / Equipment News

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Rodriguez Uses KRK ROKITs as Reference Monitors for his Podcast “El Poder de la Música”

MIAMI, JUNE 24, 2024 ― Podcaster Humberto “El Gato” Rodriguez’s “El Poder de la Música” podcast focuses on all the intricacies of music, from the science behind production to new and emerging artists. His show, which translates to “The Power of Music,” can be found on all major podcasting platforms — such as Apple Music, Spotify, and iHeart Radio.

“El Poder is a reflection of my love for music and the type of musician I would want to be had I become one,” shares Rodriguez. “I started this podcast six years ago with the vision of having a platform to discuss music with musicians, creators, engineers, producers, and anybody else who has anything to do with music, even from a scientific point of view. It has been a real treat to do what I love and be around great music and musicians.”

To bring his podcast to life, Rodriguez knows the gear in his studio needs to be equally as great as the equipment used by the artists he interviews. The KRK ROKIT 7 G4 Professional Bi-Amp Powered Studio Monitors were an easy choice. “I use my KRKs for everything,” says Rodriguez, who has the White Noise editions. “I use them for the podcast, which I air on audio and video platforms, and to listen to music; I have also produced a couple of songs with them.”

While there are many features that Rodriguez appreciates about his ROKITs, there are a few that stand out most. “One thing I really love about my KRKs is that the bass is in the front,” he says. “I don’t have a lot of room in my studio, and I needed a sound that was accurate and reliable. If the bass is too close to the back, the sound bounces and isn’t accurate. I love bass, so it was important for me to find a speaker that allows it to sound clean and precise.”

Rodriguez also credits the control functions of the monitors as being among his favored features. “I like the on-board LCD visual EQ,” he adds. “At first, I didn’t know that you could have presets of EQ, but now I love that function because I can keep the speakers flat and use my presets as necessary. I also love the standby feature. If I forget to turn off the speakers, it goes into standby mode and shuts itself down.”

As someone who prides himself on being genuine, Rodriguez was happy to find a pair of speakers that he trusts. “I am very honest in my personal life and even when I go on air for my radio show or podcast,” he explains. “So, I need real gear and KRK for me is real. There are other well-known brands that might look very cool, but they are not authentic. I like accuracy and an honest sound; the KRK ROKITs are that for me.”

A staple in the pro audio industry for nearly 35 years, Rodriguez started his career working in a recording studio at a radio station in the Dominican Republic, which he credits as the driving force behind his connection to music. Rodriguez studied journalism in Colombia and after moving to the United States, became a well-known on-air personality. He has hosted programs on Spanish-language stations in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Florida. He continues to follow his passion for music and considers himself a communicator through radio and television.

As a longtime fan of Gibson, Rodriguez has a strong relationship with the brand and KRK. He works closely with Cesar Acevedo, director of entertainment relations for Latin America at Gibson. “Cesar is like a brother to me,” shares Rodriguez. “Gibson is truly like my family, so working with KRK just made sense.”