TV Globo Puchases 10 Previzion systems

Venice, California

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Rick Balabuck

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First I want to invite you to stop by our booth at NAB (April 11-14th) in Las Vegas. We will be located in the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall, Lower Level in booth #SL10312 . We will definitly be showing off a lot of the new features in previzion. This year we will be using a Steadicam tracking, some exciting new photogrammetry sets and virtual environments along with several of the new CGFX shaders that we developed for doing driving plates.

Also we are pleased to announce that we have sold 10 Previzion systems to TV Globo, a leading television studio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . By using Previzion TV Globo can now use sophisticated moving footage for background plates in both day and night scenes and provide a new level of atmosphere and visual interest for its telenovela audience.
The unique production environemnt at TV Globo (which produces over 5 ours of premiere TV programming a day) requires a system that can stand up to the daily rigors of telenovela production and still provide the flexibility to be able to instantly change set pieces and background digitally. With the move to HD broadcast, TV Globo is increasing its focus on image quality and backgrounds that can stand up to more scrutiny.
Dennnis Carvalho, a premiere telenovela director at TV Globo, stated: " Previzion provides a great deal of flexibility and potential for the use of dynamic moving backgrounds which can be seen through doors and windows in our telenovelas. " Carvalho continued:" Since we started to experiment with Lightcraft's Previzion system, it became clear that it was the only system out there that could provide production quality VFX while operating in real time in order to meet our demanding productuion schedules."

According to Eliot Mack, Lightcraft’s founder and system architect: “Previzion is a perfect fit for TV Globo’s demanding production schedule. As television and film productions continue to combine sophisticated live action, CGI and animated characters, there is a corresponding pressure to decrease the production costs, speed up the turnaround of visual effects, and simultaneously provide better tools to the creative team on set. Productions want to get it right the first time, and avoid costly repeats by providing the DP and director an accurate rendition of a completed VFX shot while actually shooting the green screen elements. Previzion is designed specifically to meet these demands in one complete system.”

Francisco Lima, Head of TV Globo’s Virtual Production, plans to use virtual sets for their Telenovelas on a daily basis: “Previzion will help us create unique sets that were previously impossible to shoot due to space, cost constraints and limited time to do it in post production. It’s a challenging goal and we are confident that the partnership developed with Lightcraft Technology will definitely allow us to get there.”

New Previzion Features:
In addition we have quite a few new New Features to show this year including:

- Real-time visualization of multiple animated characters and moving objects from Autodesk's MotionBuilder via our Prelink plug-in for the simultaneous playback and rendering of any animation or motion capture information.

- 3D drawable tracking mattes with assignable custom matte attributes (like garbage matteing and color de-spill)

- Integrated multi-system synchronization (enables multiple Previzion systems to be run by a single Previzion operator)

- Stereo metadata capture and analysis tools, including accurate computation of true IO and convergence distance

- Encoded crane support (Encodacam and Kuper interfaces for Techno-Jib and Technocrane)

- Photogrammetry toolset for the creation of photorealistic sets and backgrounds from a series of digital photographs

- Expanded rendering using CGFX shaders for reflection, bump, and normal mapping, and advanced lighting effects

- Improved real time keying with Add/Mix matte controls, for fine adjustments of edge detail

- Full support for on stage and on location optical tracking using a combination of the Intersense IS1200 and the Airtrack electronic gyro

- Expanded video format support, including Red One output, 59.94 interlaced rendering, and 1080/25 PsF

- In-camera motion blur on virtual elements

- Dual selectable HD outputs (including composited image & matte channel)

- Support for rendering 5-10 simultaneous HD video streams as backgrounds plates and textures
Previzion provides some key production benefits:

On Set :

Save time, speed up your set ups with accurate in camera reference imagery
Avoid expensive surprises in post
Keep creative control with the director and DP

Editing :

Cut immediately with a timecode matched composite of the complete shot

Post Production :

Speed up the tracking process by starting with Previzion's timecode matched camera meta-data