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Gary Bettan

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Q: How has the world of video editing & production changed from when you first started in the industry, to present day?

A: The biggest change in video editing is the migration from tape based acquisition and video capture to tapeless workflows.

Back in the days of tape, you had to accept a certain amount of degradation and loss in the capture process. Today the camera digitizes the video directly to digital media. We don't "capture" footage anymore; we simply transfer it to our computer and begin editing.

This is also made possible by today's NLEs harnessing the full power of today's computers, allowing us to edit with the native HD formats, or transcoding the files into more easily edited intermediate CODECs like Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD.

Q: Any major trends in production you see on the horizon?

A: Absolutely. The boundary lines between live production and post production are blurring. Internet streaming allows every video producer to be a broadcaster. Producers can easily and inexpensively stream live on the web or upload an edited version that your audience can view whenever and wherever they want, on a wide multitude of devices.

4K is definitely coming on strong. At CES we saw 4K TVs introduced. Broadcasters are embracing new 4K cameras, and the post production industry is racing to deliver the best, most efficient 4K workflows.

So while we race to shoot in higher and higher resolutions, we're delivering our content at multiple resolutions for smart phones, tablets, computers, smart TVs and more. This creates a level of complexity for all content creators. Something we are only starting to get a grasp on.

Q: How long have you been attending the NAB Show and what helps you come back year after year?

A: We've been coming to NAB since the late 90s. It is the most important event/ trade show in our industry. A decade ago it had gotten more prosumer, as Apple led the way with FCP to knock down the cost barriers of post production. With the FCPX launch fiasco a couple of years ago, we've seen NAB come back to its broadcast / professional roots. The floor is filled with broadcast professionals and film makers, not hipster kids and Apple fanboys. As a result, we feel the quality of the show is higher, and the people you meet with are more focused.

Q: What are you most excited to see this year at NAB versus any other year?

A: Wow, that's tough, because most times, it's what you see that you didn't expect that makes it a great NAB show. Let's be honest, post production hasn't changed too dramatically over the past few years. The stuff just works, the quality is incredible and the tools just keep getting more powerful.

Technologies like Thunderbolt for storage allow you to transfer bigger and bigger files at speeds that were unimaginable just a couple of years ago. An uncompressed 4K file is over 750GB per hour! So we need all the speed we can get!

I'm going to look and see who is going to lead the way in 4K workflows and media management. The companies that allow you to organize, index and find the clips you want the fastest are going to make video editors more productive.

We'll also be looking for streaming video solutions that offer affordable HD live productions and then seamlessly integrate into post production workflows.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the company, along with who your typical clients consist of?

A: Videoguys has been the leading reseller of video editing and production gear for over 25 years. We've been with digital video editing since the very beginning, back in the days of Motion JPEG capture. Our ability to support and explain the technology to our customers, and guide them towards the best purchase decisions are what set Videoguys apart from other resellers. We have knowledgeable sales and tech support teams that can analyze your workflows and then help you configure a solution to meet your needs and budget.

Q: Is there a specific type of editing software or camera you favor? If so, why?

A: I'm a big fan of Canon DSLRs. I've also fallen in love with GoPro and the kind of amazing footage that these rugged little cams can deliver.

As for editing software, it would be great to see new updates from Adobe & Avid. I'm not sure if we'll get them at NAB, but worse case I expect some sneak peaks at the new technology and features in Adobe CS Next and Avid Media Composer. Grass Valley Edius and Sony Vegas have found their niches, and they offer more affordable PC based solutions - how cool would it be to see Mac versions of Edius or Vegas in the near future!

I'm excited about Autodesk Smoke. They made a lot of noise at last year’s NAB, now it's time to show us what you are delivering and will be adding this year.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my favorite plug-in vendors. I can't wait to see what Red Giant, Boris FX, NewBlueFX, Tiffen, DigiEffects, Noise Industries, Telestream & Sorenson will be showing at NAB. These guys typically run some incredible NAB special promotions as well, and everyone loves a great deal on plug-ins.

Q: Will you be attending any events/workshops at the show this year? If so, which ones.

A: I love the Supermeet. It has evolved from an Apple FCP event to becoming the must attend event of NAB. I get to see so many of my customers there. It's also a great place to meet up with the friends I've made over the years on Facebook and Twitter.

Of course the vendor parties are also a lot of fun, but what happens in Vegas ....

Q: Anything else you would like to add? Anything new we should expect from Videoguys in 2013?

A: We'll be running some special NAB coupons for instant rebates. I can't give out those codes until the week of NAB, but check back at our website, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

We have also decided that we are going to work harder to service broadcasters, call letter stations and post facilities. We've seen a change in the landscape over the years, and unfortunately many of the local dealers these guys grew to depend on have closed shop or moved to new industries and businesses.

Video editing and production is our only business. It's what we do, and it's our passion. That's why our motto has been and remains "we are the Video Editing and Production Experts". For decades we've been delivering the very best customer support and service to independent content creators. Now we will deliver that same level of service to the broadcast industry. We've expanded our sales team and we'll be aggressively bidding and quoting to win their business. We can also offer demo hardware for 30 day evaluations to qualified broadcasters and post facilities.