Leading 4K/HDR Producers Entrusts ColorTime LLC With Their 4K/UHD/HDR Content

With Ultra High Definition (UHD) pristine picture and UHD TV sets becoming more affordable, the hunt for 4K content has steadily increased. Los Angeles based Winters Rock Entertainment (WRE) is a leading producer of 4K/UHD /High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. The creative team at WRE are proven pioneers in UHD content production having produced over 130 UHD episodes of television for top-tier networks around the world. WRE’s team recently produced 5 UHD series for one of the world’s first UHD networks: InsightTV, including the world’s first true 4K HLG HDR adventure reality show (The 30/10 Challenge). In conjunction with AMG Mercedes Benz, the team at WRE also produced one of the first 4K/ HDR documentaries (Red Chargers) available on DirectTV’s flagship UHD platform.

With an expansive library of UHD content and projects, the company needed to find the right post editorial partner. They chose ColorTime LLC, one of Hollywood’s most advanced boutique lab specializing in all aspects of digital media, content creation, management, and distribution.

“They understand what it takes to deliver successfully 4K/HDR content to multiple platforms,” said Rocky Romano.

WRE’s team tested the waters with ColorTime LLC’s HDR post process with their title ‘Red Chargers’. The film focuses on the unique lives of big wave surfers, their dedication, the teamwork involved in riding the world's largest waves, and the unique wave that brought them to Portugal. ColorTime, a 4K Dolby Vision approved post services company that is editing, color correcting and delivering shows like Modern Family, Arrested Development, LA to Vegas and Life in Pieces, took on the responsibilities for Red Chargers.

ColorTime was successful in creating a color graded 4K HDR file that was delivered and touted as “the single highest quality program I have ever witnessed from satellite TV” by a DirectTV viewer.

That was all that Rocky needed to see and has awarded ColorTime another 13 shows. Rocky stated,“ knowing that we have created the world’s first 4K sports reality series and having multiple new reality and scripted projects in the pipeline, to have a company that you can count on to deliver my vision, eliminates the concern that the viewer will not
get the most out of a true 4K HDR experience”.

Jamie Collins, VP/GM at ColorTime stated “Understanding that every content provider needs to monetize their product. The multitude of platforms to deliver media requires experts that can provide all the services necessary to deliver that content to the end user. We can work with the client, no matter where they are in the process, and help them finish their project, on time and on budget.”