The Consolidated Data Base System, or CDBS, the online filing system used by broadcasters to submit forms and applications to the Federal Communications Commission for decades, is coming to an end. In a Public Notice issued Tuesday, the Media Bureau said it would no longer accept filings in the CDBS effective at 5pm EST on Wednesday, Jan. 12. “This action is necessary due to pressing technical issues that prevent the effective use of CDBS going forward and is intended to facilitate the ongoing transition of all filings to the Licensing and Management System (LMS) database,” the agency said.

The Commission has been transitioning broadcasters to the LMS since May 2019. The majority of Media Bureau applications and submissions have already migrated from CDBS to LMS and they must continue to be submitted via LMS, the notice says.

The agency says it expects this will be a “permanent sunset” of the use of CDBS for Media Bureau filings, as all those filings continue to transition to LMS.

Starting today at 5pm, Media Bureau filings that can’t be submitted using LMS must be emailed to audiofilings@fcc.gov. This includes amendments to existing applications that were previously filed using CDBS. In the case of filings using an FCC form, the Media Bureau says the form should be submitted as a PDF attachment to the email. Attachments in other formats won’t be accepted for filing, it warns. Informal filings, like requests for Special Temporary Authority or Silent Station Notifications, submitted by letter can be submitted in “pdf” or “Word” format. The subject line of the email should include the nature of the submission, the call sign and facility ID of the station (if any) and any relevant docket number or file number.

The Media Bureau says it will dismiss as “procedurally defective” any applications that are required to be filed using LMS that are submitted using the new email filing procedures outlined above.

Here are the types of filings that the Media Bureau says will be required to be submitted by email:

AM Application for Construction Permit for Commercial Broadcast Station on Form 301
AM Application for Construction Permit for Reserved Channel Noncommercial Educational Broadcast Station on Form 340
AM Applications for Broadcast Station License on Form 302
Special Temporary Authority (STA) Engineering Requests and Extension of Engineering STA Requests for all audio service stations
Silent STA / Notification of Suspension/ Resumption of Operations / Extension of Silent STA Requests for all audio service stations
Change in official mailing address
AM Digital Notification on Form 335-AM
All-Digital AM Notification on Form 335-AM
FM Digital Notification on Form 335-FM
Amendments to pending applications previously submitted in CDBS
Pleadings (Petitions to Deny, Informal Objections, Oppositions, Replies, Supplements, Petitions for Reconsideration and Applications for Review) concerning applications submitted through CDBS or using the email procedures outlined in this Public Notice
More info about the LMS system and which filings are currently supported by it can be found at the Media Bureau’s LMS Help Center HERE. The Media Bureau says the public will continue to have access to CDBS for public searches and CDBS data files.