Digital Transitions Announces Laser-Based Camera Positioning System Designed Specifically for Heritage Digitization


New York, New York

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Carolyn Archambault

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Digital Transitions, a leading global provider of high-resolution digitization solutions and services, today announced the launch of DT LaserAlign, a laser-based camera-positioning system built to the exacting standards required for heritage digitization applications. DT LaserAlign helps digitization-workstation operators in cultural and corporate heritage organizations, including those in the sports and media and entertainment industries, ensure evenly sharp, high-quality images compliant with international imaging standards such as FADGI, ISO 19264, and Metamorfoze.

The unique form factor and features of the DT LaserAlign allow it to work seamlessly with traditional flat copy-stand-style digitization systems, DT film scanning solutions, as well as on easels, wall mounts, V-Cradles, foam wedges, and other systems. When digitizing objects of historical significance, including manuscript materials, correspondence, photographs, film, maps, books, and more, DT LaserAlign ensures high-resolution, high-quality imaging results by ensuring the camera is precisely parallel to the working surface.

DT LaserAlign is made of thermally stable carbon-fiber composite to prevent long-term warping, has padded feet for safer contact with delicate surfaces, and has a magnetic base for use on angled surfaces, such as the DT V-Cradle or DT BC100.

DT LaserAlign offers a triangular design that ensures a stable, wobble-free base in addition to precision laser treatment using the smallest spot size available among commercial alignment systems. The laser is exactly centered for easy calibration check. Other unique features include a tripod thread and spirit level for imaging art on walls or easels, hanging hole for special applications, and recessed controls for durability in transit. A USB rechargeable battery is included with purchase. A reflective camera lens filter (required) can be purchased separately.

"Images captured on stations that are not properly aligned will not be compliant with FADGI, ISO 19264, or Metamorfoze guidelines," said Doug Peterson, head of research and development at Digital Transitions. "That means they will need to be recaptured, causing both wasted time and additional handling of fragile and valuable materials. The DT LaserAlign ensures proper alignment and prevents lost time and additional handling— saving operators effort, saving facilities money, and helping to preserve precious artifacts."

As an essential tool for installing and calibrating DT Heritage reprographic systems, DT LaserAlign is an integral part of any DT Heritage instant-capture solution. The company's highly specialized solutions are designed specifically for heritage applications and include digitization stations and stands, high-resolution cameras up to 14K, specialized film-scanning gear, lighting systems, digitization and workflow management software, and quality control tools. DT LaserAlign is also compatible with any other make and model of camera-based digitization or art reproduction systems. It is available now for $295. For more information, please contact

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