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Megan Linebarger

You must be logged in to message this press release. It's free and easy., a comprehensive content management system for creatives, has announced the launch of Alteon Accelerator, a new desktop application that maximizes media upload speeds for content creators.

Historically, internet upload speeds have been significantly slower than download speeds, making it a time-consuming process for creatives to transfer, share, or store large media files in the cloud. Alteon Accelerator changes that by unlocking users’ maximum internet potential, delivering files up to 5TB in size to the cloud significantly faster than traditional upload methods.

Powered by IBM Aspera, Alteon Accelerator can be used on any Mac or Windows desktop and can be triggered to initiate remotely. Users can upload large files, including professional RAW file formats, directly to Alteon’s secure, scalable cloud platform. From there, Alteon automatically generates proxy files of every asset, allowing project owners to share files or folders with whomever they want and set optional expiration dates and permissions.

“Camera resolutions and internet speeds are increasing exponentially,” said Matt Cimaglia, co-founder and CEO of Alteon. “Content creators can shoot ultra-high-definition footage with a smartphone – but transferring this data is still a problem. Our goal is to help these creatives fulfill their ambitions and help foster a more accessible, open, and diverse creator economy.”

This is just the latest in a string of updates and partnerships that Alteon has announced in the past year. The company has also introduced real-time comments on videos, a powerful workflow extension for Final Cut Pro, and the ability to transcode Blackmagic RAW media files in the cloud. Additionally, Alteon plans to release more features in the coming months to continue improving the platform for content creators.

Alteon Accelerator is available now and can be downloaded for free from the Alteon website.

About Alteon
Alteon is a SaaS platform that makes it easier for creatives, brands, and studios to work together. By leveraging Web3 technologies, this comprehensive production ecosystem tackles key pain points for production professionals by helping users collaborate seamlessly, work more efficiently, and organize assets more intuitively. Alteon is a subsidiary of Third Summit. For more information, visit