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Needed: DSD 5.6 Hi-Res Audio Live Streaming - New York, NY

New York, New York

My company is a media production and we mostly deal with various Japanese corporations. We are currently planning a series of live music shows by DSD 5.6mhz - HiRes audio. So it’s not a video production basically, it is an audio production. The DSD encoding equipment we will provide, however, we…

Production company needed for a comedy special - Miami, FL

Miami, Florida

I need a quote for the cost of a production company to film and produce a comedy special in Miami. The final edited special clip should be about 45 min to 1 hour. This is the first time I would be having a service like this and I am unsure of the total cost involved with the project.

Stage Set Needed, Approx 25' W x 10'+ H - Coral Gables, FL

Coral Gables, Florida

"Dancing Thru the Decades" Backdrop Set for Dance Event To be on stage behind judges Under lights so use of material that will reflect stage lighting throughout set Colors TBA Event in January 2017 Rental, if possible

Two luxury prop cars needed for stage reveal - Denver, CO

Denver, Colorado

Looking for two small luxury style cars in Denver for a live stage reveal at the Hyatt at the conference center for a corporate event. Need the cars Sunday, August 8-11. They will not be driven, only on stage as props. Must comply with fire marshall rules, limited gas, battery disconnected. …
Props 7/27/2016 Free to Pursue

Fully Staffed Studio Facilities Needed For One Day Pilot Shoot - New York, NY

New York, New York

Need a studio with equipment and personnel to shoot a sizzle in the NY area (Manhattan, NJ, Brooklyn or Queens) for a courtroom show. Black background is fine. Need 3 cameras with operators and a locked hi/wide, up to 5 people on mike, 3 tables and 5 chairs to simulate a court setting (one chair on…

Stage Flats Needed for Live Event - Tampa & Miami, FL

Tampa, Florida

We would like an estimate for the following: (10x) 8 ft wide x 7 ft tall primed freestanding stage flats - primed white - Back does not need to be finished - supply sandbags - delivery, assembly - strike & disposal For the Following cities: • Tampa • Miami Venues and dates TBA …

Post-Production Work Needed - Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, California

My name is Kast Hasa, actor, director and producer. I just completed the shooting of my first drama feature, Bunker, based on a script I wrote, which went to win first place in a competition for funding by the National Center of Cinematography of Albania. Here is the log line: “Three…

Gear Needed For Three Day Shoot - Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville, Virginia

Looking just for gear: Joleko light Arri SoftBank Lighting Kit G300 Fogger G+E cart - sandbags, c-stands, flags&silks, bounce board Generator walkies rain tarps & canoes Aug 5-7 shooting in Charlottesville VA - Please let me know if you have any of these available for rental, or if you…

Post-Production Sound Mixer Needed for 5 Days - Austin, TX

Austin, Texas

Texas born and bred independent film production company, is seeking a post-production sound mixer. We need someone to help with 'There came a Night,' 10 minute, low-budget, short comedy/ drama/ horror, to clean up the audio, provide a professional sound mix, and balance out the audio…

Audio & Lighting Needed For Live Event - Statesboro, GA

Statesboro, Georgia

We are holding a Worship Night in a large basketball fieldhouse. We are expecting 5,000 attendees. This event will be God centered and Christs name will be lifted high. We pray that you can be apart of it. The venue is an old rectangle shaped basketball arena. It has concrete walls and no…

Production Vehicle Needed For Photoshoots On 2 Different Days - New York, NY

New York, New York

I am inquiring about renting large production vehicles for photo shoots. We are having photoshoots in NYC on August 5th, and August 11th, and it might vary between 1-2 days. Load in would be 9AM and load out would be 9PM--approximately 12 hours. The pick up and drop off location would be our…

Needed: Kickstarter video for a fashion startup - New York, NY

New York, New York

My name is Prerak and I am the co-founder of our fashion accessories (bags, wallets, kits, ties, scarves etc) startup here in NYC. We are a tiny team of three people and just starting out. Hence we chose the Kickstarter route. We have an amazing product and we want to create a great brand…

Production Needed For Corporate Video

Washington, District of Columbia

Respected national anti-crime nonprofit seeks edgy 1 1/2-min. online anti-fraud consumer video that translates $80-billion crime into a compelling deterrent visual message.  High-energy, edgy, 1 1/2 min. Rely on emphatic visualizing of crime. Minimize lengthy narration, paid actors, talking…

Walkie talkie rental for 4 weeks for a 40 person crew - Pomona, CA

Pomona, California

Rental is for the crew of an Independent feature film called "Escape to Anywhere Else."

Crew needed to set up and provide equipment for live streaming - St. George, UT

St. George, Utah

Crew needed to set up and provide equipment for live streaming - St. George, UT 4 day motorsports event. Stream live at Sand Hollow events to main stage televisions.

Studio space and crew needed for talk show - Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, Georgia

We are currently in the beginning stages of producing a new talk show entitled "Real Talk". We are currently shopping around for studio space and a crew for the show. The show will be starting off twice a week with hopes of moving it to five times a week. We will need this approximately around the…

Drone Op/Photographer Needed - Oxnard, CA

Oxnard, California

I would like to capture several minutes of footage of my sailboat sailing outside the harbor in Oxnard. Should only be a morning/afternoon of work.

Quote needed for a music video - Miami, FL

Miami, Florida

I'm an independent artist ready to release my first album. I need to make a music video of the first single of my album. My budget is very limited so I'm looking for something simple but beautifully shot. One single location but good story telling. Thank you and good day.

Live stream company/crew to manage full-day, multiple panel, event

New York, New York

Vendor needed for one full day with multiple short content segments in NYC to be live streamed, live/unique viewers estimated 200-1,000.

Need a DP, crew, vans, and equipment for a 1 day promotional shoot - New York, NY

New York, New York

Promotional shoot for one day in the 3rd week of August. Need the following crew, vehicles, and equipment: - a DP - camera rental (ideally RED or comparable high-quality camera) with Lens kit - a jib operator with jib - an A-Grade vanity van/honey wagon - Power Van equipment - van for the…

Military Vehicle Needed For 30 Minutes ~ 1 Hour - Melville, NY

Melville, New York

We are having a COLOR WAR breakout on August 15 and are in need for two -three military vehicle to make an appearance at our day camp for a very short period of time. We are located in Melville, NY and would need the vehicle from 2:00 PM to about 3:00 PM
Props 7/22/2016 Free to Pursue

Orientation Film Needed For New Hires - Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, Utah

Cache Valley Electric is looking for a new hire orientation film to be created for use in new hire classes.

Marketing Rep and/or Company Needed - Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, Georgia

We are gearing up to shoot Season 1 of a new indy TV Series for SVTV Network. We are looking for a marketing company to sign on to promote the series and actors.

Recruiting And Company Video Needed - Franklin, MA

Franklin, Massachusetts

Looking to have a company video done that features our culture and speaks to clients and agents.

One day studio rental needed for a commercial recording - Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, Alabama

One day rental for a commercial recording. What is your daily and/or hourly rate to rent out a studio?