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Production Insurance For Multiple Digital Episodes.

Los Angeles, California

We are a new mobile live streaming music video platform looking for production and e&o insurance for our upcoming digital productions. The budget for the average show will be under $1 Million. Please let me know if you can help us. Thank you. Chris Fong

Live Streaming Of 30-60 Minute Talk At A SLC Conference

Salt Lake City, Utah

Hi there. My CTO is presenting a keynote at a local SLC conference on June 15th and we'd like to livestream it. Can you let me know what the logistics and cost would be? I'm happy to provide any other needed details. The event will take place at Church and State. I have no idea what the…

Camera operator - half day (1.5 hours shooting time)

San Diego, California

Hi there, We are looking for a stringer to shoot an author at a speaking engagement. We would need the camera to be in the back of the room and to show the audience at least once to indicate there IS an audience, but the rest of the focus would be on the speaker. Super simple. Just need good…

Camera crew for 2-day video shoot. Burbank, CA

Burbank, California

Very basic, straightforward request. Looking for help filming 6 focus groups over the course of two days (3, 90 mins. sessions per day). Audio/Video experience required, not necessary to send full crew. Looking for high quality video output in the form of several short edited video clips (with…

Props / Set Dressing Items Needed for 2 Weeks - Cleveland, OH

Cleveland, Ohio

The following items are needed for a two week shoot: 1 taxidermied or faux taxidermied hammerhead shark (minimum 8ft) 1 taxidermied or faux taxidermied ringtailed lemur 1 old, classic-shaped ship anchor 1 pirate ship steering wheel 1 old brass diving suit (Mark V preferred) 2 ale/wine…
Props 5/27/2016 Free to Pursue

Corporate Webcast Needed (interviews and "studio format") - Boston

Boston, Massachusetts

Corporate Video Production, Boston MA. 6/22-/27 6/22 - Client interviews, two locations, full day 6/23 - 10 numbers production, multiple locations, full day 6/24 - Broadcast set up & test, full day 6/27 - Live broadcast, 11:15 EST, tear down, depart Corporate webcast Date:…

Production Company Needed For Training Videos - Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We need someone to produce & direct videos to be used to train employees & solicit clients using company employees in the videos. First Priority would be a Solicitation Video to show to prospective realtors to send business to our mortgage company. Next, training videos on "How to" complete an…

Short 3 Minute Video Needed for a Crowdfunding Campaign - College Park, MD

College Park, Maryland

My startup is looking for someone to shoot a short 3 minute video to convey the following information about our company: 1. The problem our product solves. 2. The product itself. 3. How our product came into development. 4. An introduction to our team. 5. The amount of work we have put into…

20 second video needed - Washington, DC

Washington, District of Columbia

We are working on the launch of a luxury apartment building in Pentagon city. In addition to the hard invitations for the launch party, they would like to have a short (about 20 seconds) video on a website landing page that will then lead to the invitation. They basically want to have a little…

Props Needed for Corporate Video Shoot - Worcester, MA

Worcester, Massachusetts

High Boy Table and two tall barstools needed.
Props 5/19/2016 Free to Pursue

Studio With Cyclorama Needed For Private Event - Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

Looking for a sound or film studio (5000+ sqf) with large Cyclorama which can accommodate about 300 to 350 people for seat down or lounge dinner. Need parking space for approx. 150 cars. We have full band music which could go till late and after midnight & We would have our own Catering, full…

Grip/PA/Truck Needed for 1 day - Malibu, CA

Malibu, California

I am quoting for a non union local broadcast video for a glass cleaning company we are looking to shoot in the Malibu area in the next few months. We would need 2 grips, 1 PA and a grip truck with a similar lighting package to :Large HMI Package Arrisun PAR: 1-2500 3- 1200w, 3- 575w 3- 200w. Is…

1 camera (manned or unmanned) needed to live stream 4 hour event - Irving, TX

Irving, Texas

1 unmanned camera or possibly a 1 manned camera that will LIVE stream a 4 hour event US wide. The LIVE stream will be for monetary purposes.

Two 2-3 minute instructional videos needed - Louisville, KY

Louisville, Kentucky

These are instructional videos demonstrating to an elderly audience how it install a personal emergency response system. We have a script which consists of a voice-over and actor(s) demonstrating the actual installation in the home. We need complete video production -- shooting and editing.…

Satellite Truck For One Week In New Hampshire

Lancaster, New Hampshire

Have a client needing satellite truck services for internet to work with a paywall. Location: Lancaster NH 03584 Duration: 7days in June. Budget is just a place holder since this will be for one week looking for best rate and productionhub makes you select rate.

Studio/Sound Stage Needed For Game Show - Chicago, IL

Chicago, Illinois

I have created a trademark app and game show from Chicago. I'm currently looking for a studio where I can film our pilot episode. I have contestants and a host already lined up. It is fully owned, produced and created by myself.

Sound Stage Needed for Student Film- Dallas, TX

Dallas, Texas

Looking for fairly large sound stage for student film project.

Two sound stages needed for five days in September - Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, Nevada

We have two productions that we need stages for. Prod One: a 15-20 minute TED Talk type presentation by one person in front of an audience of about 50 people. Ten presentations per day for five days. Probably need roughly 2000 sq ft or more. Prod Two: a 30-minute-ish morning-talk-show type…

Equipment Rental and Audio Tech Needed for 2 Day Concert - Daytona Beach, FL

Ormond Beach, Florida

My band/ministry company has been asked to perform in Daytona Beach, FL. I am helping the host venue plan out the production logistics. Instead of bringing my own gear down from Atlanta, I wanted to look into what it would cost to rent equipment. It's a 5 piece band. Nothing fancy needed as far…

Studio Space With or Without Equipment Needed for Live Broadcast - Chicago, IL

Chicago, Illinois

I am looking to do a live broadcast twice monthly in Chicago. I am flying in Tuesday to look at spaces, and would like some quotes. I want a space that doesn't *look* like a TV studio; it doesn't have to be a TV studio at all. Also looking for spaces that already have equipment, but that's…

Sound Stage Needed (with Infinity Wall) - New York, NY

New York, New York

We are looking for a Sound Stage with an infinity wall and the below specs: - Sound stage with high capacity power available (220v breakouts with electrical rental) - 32' wide infinity wall or similar - Lighting grid with 15' ceilings or higher - Full lighting rental catalogue - Full grip…

Makeup artist needed for dramatic short film - Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, North Carolina

We are shooting a dramatic short film in June, and are looking for someone to do makeup for one young actress. The needs are simple, we need a minimal real look, but for some scenes she needs to have a paler face and look sickly. Filming in June 13-8 2016. Will only need you for a couple…

Crew Members Needed - Muskogee, OK

Muskogee, Oklahoma

Chip-Charni is a student film production company based in Los Angeles. At the moment, we are working on a new project titled "The Ark". This is a mockumentary drama with elements of absurdity and science fiction about a teenager and his parents drifting along with mutants in a submarine. Our crew…

HD camera ops needed for educational events livestream - Leesburg, VA

Leesburg, Virginia

Our annual national event is taking place June 20-24, 2016 this year. We will be using video services to: • Record our candid interviews with teams on Thursday, June 23 • Live stream our National Showcase on Thursday, June 23 • Live stream the Awards Luncheon on Friday, June 24 Will you…

Video Wall + Crew Hire for 3 days - New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, Louisiana

I work in the marketing department for a technology company that's based in Australia, but is in the US several times a year for conferences. We are looking to hire a video wall and crew to set up and dismantle it, for the A&WMA Conference at the Hyatt Grand Regency in New Orleans (June 20-23,…