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Custom Fabrication and Installation - Toledo, OH

Toledo, Ohio

My name is Regina and I am a curator at Indiewalls, an innovative tech-based art consultancy in NYC. I am reaching out about a project at a site we are working on in Toledo, Ohio. The client for this hotel is looking to install walls surrounding their elevator lobby that consists of…
Props 9/27/2016 5 credits

Live Graphics Operator in Orange, CA

Orange, California

I need a graphics operator who can create and operate graphics for a live web broadcast. We will need graphics tweaked within AfterEffects and cued with a Playback Pro as well as static PowerPoint lower thirds and overlays. Operator must be proficient in AfterEffects, PowerPoint and Playback Pro…

Oct 14th- 17th , VFX artist - Culver City, CA

Culver City, California

Here is the director's previous short film, Mi Corazon:

A studio available (able to paint) 9/29 - NY

New York, New York

Hello, I am emailing from Above Average Productions, wondering if you have a large studio available for next Thursday 9/29. We are a shooting a fake commercial, which calls for five actors in front of a painted wall which we would paint ourselves pastel blue or yellow. Please let me know if this…

Costume/MUA - Denver, CO

Denver, Colorado

Hello! I am looking to have my Halloween makeup professionally done for a HUGE costume contest at work. I would just need one artist I assume and it would be the day of Halloween. I had a few ideas with one of them being the Cheshire Cat from Alice in wonderland or I would be willing to consult…

1 day shoot OKC. Large Jib rental.

Edmond, Oklahoma

2 hour shoot. Life.Church Worship event. OKC. Large Jib rental. 20 foot and longer Example:

A production company to produce a Yoga based reality TV series

Los Angeles, California

12 to 15: 60 minute episodes for a Yoga based reality TV series, to be filmed in Los Angeles.

Television production company for reality series - Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tennessee

We are looking for a full service television/video production company to help us film a multi-episode reality show.

A production company to film a commercial for my store - Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, Georgia

We need a company to be able to help create an commercial for a small shoe store in Atlanta. Highlight products and tell a little story about how we got started/different than a Foot Locker/Big brand store.


Dayton, Ohio

I am a fine artist working in Cleveland, Ohio. I produce paintings on canvas, screenprints and large scale digital imagery. I am seeking representation nationally, including gallery placement in the NYC area.

DJI Inspire Drone (or similar) and Operator for 1 Day - Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee, Florida

We are looking to do some aerial shots of the St. Marks Lighthouse in Tallahassee, FL on October 15th. We would like to use a DJI Inspire (or similar drone). We want to rent the drone and pilot. We are also very interested if the pilot of company has their own drone insurance.

Camera Operator w/ Lighting and Audio For 1 Day Infomercial Shoot - NYC

New York, New York

Needed: DP/camera operator, lighting package, audio tech We are in need of a crew to shoot an Infomercial on Sept 29 We will need a DP with camera and lighting package. Need all footage delivered on a HD. We will do all post and graphics. One camera shoot. Simple White backround CYC Set is…

Voice over artist for technical, corporate eLearning courses

Chicago, Illinois

The ideal professional will have experience working in digital media, providing voice over for corporate, eLearning products. Most, but not all, eLearning products may be information technology (IT) technical in nature. Voice over professional will either need to have a good command of IT terms…

A sound recordist

Burbank, California

Looking for a sound recordist for a one day shoot on a short film.

A 360 virtual reality camera rental - Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, Nevada

We want to shoot some footage in a 360 degree format for virtual reality viewing. Looking to rent a camera.

Start to finish crew needed for documentary - Browning, MT

Browning, Montana

Our company is in the market to find a professional film production company who can help us complete a 30 minute video. We need start to finish word done. The video will be displayed to school age children, communities, and events on the effects of impaired driving. Our target will be the Blackfeet…

Commercial For A Kitchen Product

Powell, Ohio

I'm building a kitchen product and looking to explore the commercial media for it. It should be a short but sweet 1 min add that could boost the product.

4000 Gallon Aquarium And Production Crew Needed For Music Video - Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, California

I'm looking for a 4000 gallon aquarium to rent and film an underwater themed music video the week of November 7, 2016. I'm also looking for production crew as well. If you are able to help me with these services, I'll look forward to receiving your quote. I'm still gathering costs. Thanks!

Commercial Video Production Needed - Spokane, WA

Spokane, Washington

60 second and 30 second version of a water stewardship message. This is the first of 4 video messages. Stormwater is the topic. A beta version has been completed by WSU grad students. I would like to meet with you and discuss the project, anticipated costs for production, time line, etc. I…

Commercial production plus 500 slots for Radio and television in Broward County.

Pompano Beach, Florida

We will be looking to produce commercials for radio and television for quick quote tax returns to market northern Broward county. Our demographics will be Caucasian, Hispanic, Creole & Portuguese with household income of $50,000 and less. We would like a combination of 500 slots between Late…

Looking For Movie Premiere Style "Searchlights" For Local Event - Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, Indiana

Looking for a one day rental of searchlights for a themed event related to the Historic Irvington Halloween Festival on October 22 (Masquerade Ball with monster movie theming).

Production Insurance Needed for ULB feature film

New York, New York

I need production insurance for a ten day shoot using SAG actors under the SAG Ultra-low budget and a small crew. I'll be shooting in New York, NY currently planning for 2/26/2017 to 3/9/2017. I understand that I'm planning pretty far ahead, but since it's a low budget project I'm trying to…

Studio Space for a 3-day shoot.

New York, New York

Looking for a studio or soundstage space for a 3-day shoot. Simple room, ideally with black walls or black curtain to cover the walls. The setting for the film is a soundstage, although the space doesn't necessarily have to be an actual soundstage. Ideal dimensions: 20' x 20' or larger.…

Sound Designer/ Mix

Washington, District of Columbia

I have a short narrative film (5 minutes long) and I would like to work with a sound designer/ editor. Recorded original audio with wireless mics and mostly in moving automobile. I'm flexible on deadline.

Payroll services needed for 10 day shoot. NYC

Manhattan, New York

I need payroll services for a ten day shoot using SAG actors under the SAG Ultra-low budget and a small crew. Perhaps 40-50 total person-days. I would also be interested if the payroll company can help coordinate worker's comp and production insurance.