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Seven 55" monitors, stands, and Rasperry Pi Video Loop Packages + Three 55" touchscreen monitors, stands

Marysville, Ohio

Need the above monitors, stands and equipment mentioned above. Plus on site tech support at Honda in Marysville, OH in June 2016. Set up: June 21st starting at 10 am. Removal June 22nd at 3 pm. Pricing to include delivery and pick up.

I Need A Recordist Experienced Recording Classical Guitar

Nassau, New York

It is a long time coming that I produce a demo CD to use for requesting live work up to an including a full length commercial CD. I have been at music for over 50 years including many years of obstacles like tendonitis and low paying non-music related jobs to make ends meet and I would appreciate…

Podium Prompter Rental Jan 2016

Orlando, Florida

Hi, I’m a teleprompter operator coming to Orlando in January. I am looking for a teleprompter company from which to rent a podium system: 2 monitors with poles and glass and some cables to go along with it. I bring my own computers and can set up your gear or have you set it up, which ever is…

Production insurance needed. FL

Winter Garden, Florida

I need production insurance up to $1,000,000 to shoot a public service announcement in Winter Garden. Total cast and crew will be less than 10 people. The only equipment used will be a camera, tripod, and maybe a reflector.

LED Lights

Newark, New Jersey

Greetings, I come to the United States to interview some people. I come with the camera and sound equipment. But I need two LED lamps. Since I landed in Newark Airport I would like to rent the lights as close as possible to the airport. Can you help me with? Sincerely yours Eyal…