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Video Production/Studio Quality/Editing - Austin, TX - 6/15

Austin, Texas

We are looking for a video company that can provide some high quality recording of some Doctors doing training videos, with PPT side by side. We have essentially about 100 12-20 minutes videos that are needing to be recorded to go into an online learning management system.

A food service truck - Chicago, IL - 6/5

Chicago, Illinois

I have a 1-day production (could be a long day) on June 5 that may require a food service truck if the location we secure does not have what we need. Our client is Bertolli, and we will be preparing multiple dishes on the shoot. We need all the basics - fridge, freezer, stovetop, oven, sink, 2-3…

Santa Monica Studio and Equipment for 1-Day Production - 5/31

Santa Monica, California

Seeking a studio space with equipment for a 1-day shoot of corporate video interviews. Santa Monica and surrounding areas preferable. 1 crew member spot also available if applicable.

Post-Production Sound Editor - Mill Valley, CA - JUNE

Mill Valley, California

Hi! I'm Sarah and I just completed my senior thesis film at Sarah Lawrence College. I need someone to help edit the sound because I do not have the skills to make it sound perfect. It is a 14-minute-long film and I really just need help with basics, like hum removal and evening out dialogue scenes.…

Studio for Live Webinar - Charlotte, NC - 6/29

Charlotte, North Carolina

This is a 2-hour event on June 29th. We're looking to hold a live event from 6 pm to 7 pm at a studio with 5-individuals sitting at a round table holding a discussion on Education and Economic Mobility. We will cut away to 3 videos during the conversation. This event will be aired thru the…

HD Live sports stream (Youtube, Facebook) 6/14-26 - Orlando, FL

Orlando, Florida

12 Day event in June 16-24 from 8am-8pm roughly. Looking to broadcast live online (Internet Provided, 8Mbps+ Cat5e) We have some equipment including: Newtek Tricast 40 (Including All necessary hardware for HDMI to Component conversion) 4 HD Sony Professional Cameras Staging Power…

LED Video wall rentals - 7/30-8/6 - Secaucus, NJ

East Rutherford, New Jersey

I am looking to rent 3 different LED walls for an event in early August at the Meadowlands Expo Center in New Jersey. 1- Wall approx. 20'ft wide by 12'ft tall 2- Walls approx. 5'ft wide by 12'ft tall

HD Crew for 1 Day Commercial Shoot - Miami, FL - 6/23

Miami, Florida

Hey there, We're a production company from Honduras looking for a local crew to help develop a project. We're looking for a Producer, DP, Gaffer and Grip. The shoot will take two days but may be subject to change based on pre-production set by the producer's schedule and…

2 minute youtube video for a medical practice - NYC - 6/1

New York, New York

2 days of shooting, interview of physician, footage from operation room, editing etc... Could we get an approximate range?

A location that looks like Office Space - Boston, MA - Flexible Dates

Boston, Massachusetts

We are filming a web series that's set primarily in an office location. We are looking for an indoor shooting space that has (or has room for) cubicles and chairs, with potentially an office or two for certain scenes. If you have just the open space, without cubicles, we'd take that into…

South Korea Production Services Partner

PyeonChang, South Korea

Hello, looking to get a bid from a South Korean production company on providing support to our field teams during the 2018 winter olympics. Please write me for further details.

Videographer - 6/1 - NYC

New York, New York

videographer to film interview.

Models for Tampa, FL Shoot - 6/12

Tampa, Florida

I'm needing models for a 5 day photo shoot in Tampa. Males and females in the following age ranges and ethnicities need to be represented: 60-70 year olds 20-40 year olds 5-15 year olds Caucasian African American Caribbean Puerto Rican Cuban Please let me know the models day…

Voice Over Demo - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - 5/31

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Although I have been told I have a voice for radio or voice over work, I am new at this. I am not sure if my voice is voice over worthy but by what I have read, it seems that first I need to record a demo. Your guidance or direction would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Jen Diehl

Quality camera for recording live game footage - Baton Rouge, LA - 6/1

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I need a camera to capture high quality athletes moving at high speeds but I want a movie quality picture.

RV makeup and styling trailer - Salt Lake City, UT - 6/10

Salt Lake City, Utah

A modest trailer vehicle for talent and hair and makeup and wardrobe We are shooting in Utah (Salt Lake City)

A full crew for one day in the Houston area - 6/1

Houston, Texas

Pricing for: 2 cameras A shooter Teleprompter Make up artist Light equipment

Russian Arm Rental - SFO

San Francisco, California

Hi, I am looking to rent a Russian arm for a one day filming in Bay Area in Mid June. Can you please give me a quote? Thank you!

Music Video - Orlando, FL

Orlando, Florida

Looking to commission music videos that tell the story of the music of various artists. Some direction would be given by the artist as far as their vision. Dates and budget to be determined.

HD film crew for tv pilot - ATL - 7/21

Atlanta, Georgia

Seeking 3 camera and audio crew for a live music tv program. Show will have host for interview segments. We are developing 2 pilots for presentation to Bravo.

2nd AC/PA and Equipment for rent 3/2018 - Boston, MA

Boston, Massachusetts

WHAT WE SHOULD RENT: Lights - 2 KINO FLO 4 Bank Lighting systems, with white-light bulbs and ballasts for being able to control the amount of bulbs used at a time. - One 350 Watt Tungsten light with gels to match KINOs and spare bulbs. - One 650 Watt Tungsten light with gels to match KINOs…

Equipment rental delivery and pickup - Detroit, MI

Detroit, Michigan

We are looking to possibly do an event at a movie theatre on a 1 day rental July 11th. We would need to rent the following: 10x10 green screen with frames, stands and sandbags for rental, as well as enough light (4 panels to light or so) plus interview kit (3 keno's) 2 extra stands, 21"…

Music Producer for 15 Song Album - Greenville, SC

Greenville, South Carolina

Willing to negotiate for quality work. need mixing/recording

Volunteer or low budget crew for 3 day shoot (SEEKING QUOTE) - Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, North Carolina

Day 1 8:00 am Crew call 8:00 am-9:00am hair/makeup/wardrobe 8:00 am-9:00am Setup 9:00 am-9:30am Rehearse 9:30 am-1:00pm Shoot 7 Bedroom Shots 1:00pm-1:30pm Lunch 1:30pm-2:30pm Setup 2:30am-3:00pm Hair/makeup/wardrobe 3:00pm-6:30pm Shoot 7 Bathroom Shots 6:30pm-7:00pm Camera…

30 and 60 second features to be used as web content - Champaign, IL

Champaign, Illinois

It is a pleasure to virtually meet you! We are in need of some high quality short promotional clips for use in different web-based applications (commercial application possible but not planned). All clips would focus on our ketogenic supplement line, KetoSports. While the line has many…