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Mini van with a 6kva-300amp generator built in

Manhattan, New York

Rent an empty mini van four days to be park in the United Nations with a 6kva-300amp generator built in

Studio Space for a 3-day shoot.

New York, New York

Looking for a studio or soundstage space for a 3-day shoot. Simple room, ideally with black walls or black curtain to cover the walls. The setting for the film is a soundstage, although the space doesn't necessarily have to be an actual soundstage. Ideal dimensions: 20' x 20' or larger.…

Sound Designer/ Mix

Washington, District of Columbia

I have a short narrative film (5 minutes long) and I would like to work with a sound designer/ editor. Recorded original audio with wireless mics and mostly in moving automobile. I'm flexible on deadline.

Payroll services needed for 10 day shoot. NYC

Manhattan, New York

I need payroll services for a ten day shoot using SAG actors under the SAG Ultra-low budget and a small crew. Perhaps 40-50 total person-days. I would also be interested if the payroll company can help coordinate worker's comp and production insurance.

Crew and Equipment Required for Live Production

Seattle, Washington

I'm looking for the following on November 1-2nd: Flypac with the following: Switcher with multi view capability Monitoring (source / Program) Video Station w/ WF - VS, monitoring, iso switcher) (5) Recorders (PDW-F1600's or equivalent) (4) CCU'd Cameras w/ 4 Tripods (with mid-level…

Someone Needed To Broker Satellite Time (3 Days) - Cape Canaveral, FL

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Someone Needed To Broker Satellite Time 3 days of 4 hours each day in September Broker Satellite time on I907 CBAND Bandwidth = 2 Mhz Data transfer from French Guiana to Cape Canaveral Florida

Living Room Set Needed - Chicago, IL

Chicago, Illinois

Looking for a 70's or 80's living room set (or one close enough) to shoot a web video in. Looking for a pre-built set, or a studio with the set already installed.

Sound Stage Needed For Short Film - Dallas, TX

Dallas, Texas

Needing to build an interior set and film for 3 days.

Music Video Crew and 10 extras needed - Romania

Bucharest Or City of Company, Romania

I'm looking to shoot a music video in a church as well as outside of a church. I would need production company to secure location and provide ten extras as well as shoot and edit music video.

Motorhome Rental In Glacer National Park

Kalispell, Montana

Looking for motorhome rental and craft services for an advertising still shoot on lake shoreline in Glaicer National Park

28 X 18 Portable Sound Stage

San Diego, California

I am looking to rent a portable sound stage for an event at Belmont Park in Mission Beach Sept. 23-25. There will be live music on the stage and we need sound for an estimated 500 - 1000 people per day. Set up would be on Friday the 23rd and tear down would 5 pm on the 25th I would like a…

Full Production Crew Needed For ULB Webseries

Los Angeles, California

This webseries is a beautiful story about a man who found out he only has a limited time to live. He has decided that he will live his life to the fullest, which leads to increadable series of events. We are looking to create beautiful imagery. Apart from the drama element, there will also be a…

Green Screen - CYC Wall Needed - Orlando, FL

Orlando, Florida

I'm looking for space that provides a green screen cyc as well as wardrobe and make up rooms. We are doing a Full Day one-camera shoot.

Needed: Stage, Backline and Sound Engineer - Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My name is Mack Major and I'm the drummer/band leader for a band from New Orleans called Miss Mojo. We're coming to Philadelphia to play a wedding on Saturday, September 9th 2017 and it's looking like we'll need a production company to provide a small stage, a sound engineer and possibly some…

Lighting And Grip Rentals Needed - Darmstadt or Frankfurt, Germany

Darmstadt or Frankfurt, Germany

Looking to rent lighting gear, c-stands, and other grip equipment in or near Frankfurt or preferably Darmstadt Germany beginning September 26, 2016. Do you provide rental gear and if not could you provide names or companies that can. Thanks

Post Production Office / Edit Bay Space Needed - Sherman Oaks, CA

Sherman Oaks, California

I need about 8-9 offices/edit bays to lease from approx. 9/19-12/15 in the sherman oaks, brentwood or santa monica area. we can go as far east as studio city, however. we don't need any editing equipment, just the space. we will need phones, parking and high bandwidth internet. furniture too, if…

Liability Insurance Needed For Single Day - Miami, FL

Miami, Florida

Percussionists Band general liability insurance needed (Single Event)

HD Camera Rental Needed - Abiquiu, NM

Abiquiu, New Mexico

I am an independent producer covering an educational conference for a non-profit group. They are holding the event at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, NM (Sept 15-18, 2016). I will be bringing my HD Camcorder (Panasonic AG-AC90A) with me, but need to rent a second camera with tripod for two-camera…

Needed: Freestanding Rigging/Display of Art Mural outdoors - Boston, MA

Boston, Massachusetts

I am executing an event outdoors on Dewey Square (Rose Kennedy Greenway) on September 29. I have a two-sided 12' x 12' Art Mural that I need to display at this one-day event. It needs to be viewed from both sides; 'clean' setup, as there will be many many people on the Square for their Farmers'…

Video Advertisement Needed For Mobile App - Sunnyvale, CA

Sunnyvale, California

My name is Gun Kim, I serve as the marketing representative for Sero. We need a general ad for our app. This ad would probably be between 1 to 2 minutes in length and would serve to be a general advertisement that we could broadcast. Our app is a social networking platform focusing on videos.…

Live Streaming On Site Meeting to Satellite Offices - Midland, TX

Midland, Texas

Live Streaming of an on site conference in Midland, Texas for view in our satellite offices in real time. We would also like interactive features in which satellite offices can participate and ask questions in real time.

Pre To Post Video Production Needed - New York, NY

New York, New York

Here is the information on the shoot that you will likely need to know: What we are planning is a customer video at their business location, which is a restaurant. Our videos are done over the course of one day with one person from our company there for guidance. The objective is to…

A/V Tech needed for live corporate event - San Diego, CA

San Diego, California

I am looking for an a/v tech for a live corporate event on Sept 12. Load in will be on Sept 11. Please respond only if you have experience with setup, operation and teardown of projectors, cameras, etc. at corporate conferences. Include your resume. The rate is a flat $300/day.

Facial Compositing Needed with either Live Action or Live Action/2D Image

Orlando, Florida

We have 4-6 website videos to produce with facial compositing. Facial Compositing with either Live Action/Live Action or Live Action/2D Image. One script (similar content) :30 & :45 due 9/17, one :30 film per week thereafter.

Prop Speakers Needed - New York, NY

New York, New York

I am contacting from New York for a fashion week. The Alexander Wang show on September 10th is attempting to set 500-700 speakers on visual display. These numbers far exceed any rental company's capabilities and because they do not need to function we are looking to film/television prop…
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