SNG Fly-Away Kit Operator/Equipment for Alaskan Skiing/Snowboarding Event March 2017

Haines, Alaska

Live Event Production Services

Monday, March 20, 2017 for six days

5 credits

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Our clients are in need of a company that can provide or recommend a Fly-Away satellite antenna operator/equipment provider that would be suitable to work with a Production company in the mountains of Alaska on a Skiing/Snowboarding Event Uplink between March 20-25, 2017? The kit has to be really portable since it will be heli-lifted on the top of a mountain ridge. Antenna will need to be uplink to Ku-band satellite. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. My company, Microspace Communications, has worked in conjunction with our client for the last 3 years on this event. Last year, the company they used for the fly-away kit did not have a dish with enough power to get off the mountain and to the satellite. We are looking for the right antenna for the job. Operator and or Equipment provider information would be great. Thanks!