Production Company to Staff Film - Clearwater/St. Petersburg, FL - 9/13

Clearwater, Florida

Production Companies

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 for two weeks

2 credits

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We are shooting for 11 days or so out there in Clearwater and St Petersburg

We need Arri Alexa mini camera , leica lenses ( photographic ones are okay ) matte box(tangerine atom) ,wireless follow focus (Arri wc4 if possible ) , movi m15 or movi pro back back support system for gimbles , polarising filter ,wireless monitoring , sekonic light meter
We have dop , director , Mua , costume and 1st ad

We need sound , gaffer with own lights (4K Hmi and 2.5 hmi and a generator for a day ) , and sparks lighting and focus puller , clapper loader ,and one camera trainee

Locations needed :

Docks - 6 days
Night club ext - 1 night
Night club int - 1 day
Hotel - 1 day
Hotel ext - 1 night
Beach & Office with view - 1 day

Hope you can help me
Thanks again.