PA to assist 3 day forum videography shoot - Amsterdam, NE

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Post Production Services

Tuesday, May 09, 2017 for three days

0 credits
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Shoot Dates - May 9 - 11

Description - We will be filming a series of forum workshops and talks in Amsterdam. The event will be in a single building, but the room setup will change from day to day. We will also have a side room set up for interviews, and be conducting some of these interviews during the forum. We're looking for an extra set of hands to ensure that the simultaneous shooting setup goes smoothly.

Skills & Activities - familiarity with plugging into audio system at events, basic camera support (manning cameras, fetching lenses etc). Knowledge of Amsterdam and Dutch language proficiency is a huge plus.

Equipment - Canon C100's & Sony A7-Si. Possible interest in renting small camera package locally.