Studio for 2 camera webcast - 1 day of production/prelight and test - Mid September

New York, New York

Studios / Sound Stages / Production Facilities

Friday, September 15, 2017 for one day

1 credit

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I am looking for studio space in NYC, with crew and webcast engineer. I do not need a green room or craft services. Project is 2 talking heads.

We would need:
2 cameras with ops or PTZ
2 Lav mics with audio mixer and op
Lighting grid
switching with TD
webcast encoded to youtube and facebook (live for 1 hour)
Please break out the cost for pre-light and test stream the day before.

Please also let me know what kind of set pieces are included.

Date is TBD but it will be a weekday mid September.

Please let me know what pricing would be.