Stage and Ultra deck flooring - Del Mar, CA

Del Mar, California

Live Event Production Services

Sunday, September 10, 2017 for one day

3 credits

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Hi Can I get a quote to have a 60' wide X 140' long section of ultra deck flooring set up and then an additional approx 32" tall stage section of Steel Deck (or comparable) stage set up.

The section of the raised stage will be set up in the middle of the Ultra deck - the stage needs to be approximately 50' x 50' with an approx 20' x 20' center area removed with stairs that step down to ground level.

The stage will have a 44' dome set on top of it - that will have approx 15,000lbs of concrete eco block anchoring either on top of the deck or concealed underneath it.

On both sides of that center stage - placed on top of the Ultra deck flooring we will be building and placing two other domes at approx 36' in diameter- each of those domes will also have approx 12,000lbs of anchoring spread around them.

Build date is: September 10th - must be done in one afternoon - so finished by 2pm - build site is the Del Mar Fair grounds
Strike date is: (tentatively) September 18th