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Talent Trailer for 4 Days - 7/3-6 - Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, New York

Hi there, We are a crew for a 4 day fashion shoot. We need a vehicle that has enough room to be a dressing room and make up trailer for our models. Please give me two quotes, one for 54days with a driver and without a driver. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best, Yiwei

Small and Simple Grip Truck - Logan, UT

Logan, Utah

I want to explore a few options here. First off, what would be your rate to rent a normal grip truck in the smallest price package you offer for a one day shoot? Have you ever just rented out some of the grip gear? Like maybe one carts worth that we could load in our own truck that has one HMI…

Trailer for a week to house talent - Brisbane, AU

Brisbane , Australia

I need to rent a movie production trailer for myself. Fully equipped. AC bed bath cooking to keep on a site outside of Brisbane. I did use a company before and I think they were from the Gold Coast.

Trailer home - Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

Looking for a trailer home to film a short small budget film about an undocumented Mexican family. In the script they are really poor and the shoot is about 4-5 days. The shoot will take place in Las Vegas area in July and must be somewhat rural.

Need A 70's Police Car For 1 Day

Los Angeles, California

My name is Emma and I am working on behalf of Warner Brothers. My company put together fun prize experiences for winners to help promote film releases and I would love to speak to you about a Cop themed day for winners to enjoy in association with the theatrical release of CHiPS in August next…