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Talent Holding RV - NYC - 8/23-25

New York, New York

Talent Holding RV for production on 8/23, 8/24, + 8/25.

A Restroom Trailer - Louisville, KY - 1/2/18

Louisville, Kentucky

Looking to rent a restroom trailer for a film shoot in Louisville for six weeks

3 Artist Trailers - LBC, CA - 9/2

Long Beach, California

2 artist will need individual trailers. 1 for 3 ppl, 1 for 1. Then we need a third for staff refreshes and potential additional depending on new singers signed

Grip Truck (One-stop Shop) - 9/15 - 18 - Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario

Hi there, My name is Reza, I am independent producer, I am interested in your one-stop shop grip truck, and would like to get a quote about your daily as well as weekly rate. (This would be a 30 day shoot) in addition I'd like to know if you have drivers / swing available should we need it? And…

Green room trailer one day - Westport, CT - 9/10

Westport, Connecticut

2 bands in need of green rooms at Levitt Pavilion in Connecticut Sept 10 from 10 am to 9 pm Need two trailers self contained parked next to stage

RV with Driver - Miami, FL - 10/23-27 - QUOTE

Miami, Florida

Model Photography shoot. South Point Miami Beach & Olita State Park. Need RV with Driver 5 day shoot

Trailer for a week to house talent - Brisbane, AU

Brisbane , Australia

I need to rent a movie production trailer for myself. Fully equipped. AC bed bath cooking to keep on a site outside of Brisbane. I did use a company before and I think they were from the Gold Coast.

Need A 70's Police Car For 1 Day

Los Angeles, California

My name is Emma and I am working on behalf of Warner Brothers. My company put together fun prize experiences for winners to help promote film releases and I would love to speak to you about a Cop themed day for winners to enjoy in association with the theatrical release of CHiPS in August next…