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Production Company to Create Marketing Branding Video - Milpitas, CA - ASAP

Milpitas, California

Our firm is in the business of providing IT procurement, managed services and placement services to Fortune 500 companies including Cisco, Facebook and Equinix. We are in a commodity business and we want to find a production company to create a branding video that separates us from the…

Film Production Insurance - Torrance, CA - 10/21-22

Torrance, California

Need liability insurance for film project. Shooting two days. All shots are office or exterior of buildings (store fronts). No special effects. No stunts. Crew - 5 to 8 personnel.

Costume Designer - San Diego, CA - 10/1

San Diego, California

Greetings, My name is Adria. I live in San Diego California and I am looking for a local costume and or seamstress. My boyfriend is a huge StarWars fan and he is going to dress up as Han Solo this Halloween and has ordered an Ewok costume for our service/rescue dog Queeny so naturally I need a…

Satellite Truck rental & operator needed in San Hose for broadcasting to San Antonio

San Jose, California

Satellite Truck rental needed in San Hose. Will be broadcasting from a surgical center in San Hose to San Antonio Convention Center on November 1, 2017 for 1 hour.

4 day studio set up for "congress news" - 11/3-11/8 in San Diego

San Diego, California

We are a small German filmproduction company producing congress news for a corporate client. Within Europe we have a mobile studio set up we bring along but are looking to avoid the overseas transport. I am thus looking for a studio space which would not only offer the space but also the equipment.…

Need A 70's Police Car For 1 Day

Los Angeles, California

My name is Emma and I am working on behalf of Warner Brothers. My company put together fun prize experiences for winners to help promote film releases and I would love to speak to you about a Cop themed day for winners to enjoy in association with the theatrical release of CHiPS in August next…