Nel Boshoff

Bozeman, Montana


About Me

Emmy award winning cinematographer. Certified ShotOver/Cineflex operator and technician. Professional aerial cinematographer with over 4,000 hours in helicopter. FAA Certified Drone Pilot. Nel has filmed with aerial gimbals since 2013, and has extensive knowledge and hours working with stabilized systems. He is certified with Shotover and GSS, and holds all the necessary certifications for drone work. Nel is a private pilot and has filmed with drones across the planet.

​Co-Owner / Operator of VOLAR Productions. We offer a GSS Cinema Gimbal, with RED Helium Camera, 50-1000 lens and mounts for helicopters, as well as an Inspire 3 with A7.
Based in Bozeman, Montana, VOLAR has made a name for itself as a standout provider of aerial imagery. We started in the stabilized aerial business 20 years ago and have grown with the technology.

We started with Colibri Productions in Panama, using the first edition Cineflex to provide amazing aerials for Latin America.

We recently added our new 2020 Cinema Mini to our local team. It is the best stabilized platform option for smaller, cinema payloads. With six-axis stabilization and a 12" diameter, this gimbal only weighs 38 lbs (without payload) making it lightweight and nimble! As with all GSS gimbals, the Cinema is well-suited for a variety of applications including aerial, auto, marine mounted and more.


Flying V — 2015 - Present
Aerial Cinematographer, drone operator and Director of Photography

Unseen Yellowstone - 2017-2018
Aerial Cinematographer for Gen 6 feature film

Mile 22 — 2018
Drone Aerial Pilot for Mark Wahlberg’s feature film to be released summer 2018

Depth Perception — 2017
Aerial Cinematographer for Travis Rice feature documentary

Awaken-The Film — 2017
Aerial Cinematographer for Tom Lowe feature documentary

The Fourth Phase — 2016
Aerial Cinematographer for Red Bull feature documentary

Wild Yellowstone — 2015
Aerial Cinematographer, Emmy award winning for Nat Geo feature documentary

Modern Marvels — 2015
Drone Cinematographer, for History Channel documentary

Amazing Treehouses — 2015
Drone Cinematographer for Animal Planet Series

Hero - 2015
Aerial Cinematographer for Don Johnson series on TNT

Contraband - 2015
Aerial Cinematographer for Mark Wahlberg’s feature film

Naked and Afraid - 2014
Drone Aerial Cinematographer for Discovery Channel series in Panama

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