Alexander Haynes Jr.

Harrison Township, Michigan

About Me

I have always loved using puppets to make my siblings laugh, even though I'm an adult I still do so. I’m also doing a few voice roles, some of which are still in production. A few roles I've done “ Jerold Johansen for a fan cartoon, Miles Morales Spider-man in a lego animation. 

I've also gotten attention from some celebrities. I did an impression of this famous YouTuber Daym Drops, a food critic. I posted an impression I did of him. He enjoyed it so much that he posted it on his own channel which was really amazing and unexpected. It also gave me an assurance in the path I'm seeking.

My main career goal I would say down the road would be mainly voiceover. After graduation I plan on getting myself a nice career Job, either video editing for a company or voiceover for kid shows as well as Christian movies, and dip my foot in some acting because I know that needs to be done a lot while I'm in front of the microphone. Whatever I do for my career path I pray I enjoy it.

Alexander Haynes Jr Demo Reel
Added on 4/10/2021
Heres A Demo Reel of my work not all of it of course But here is a just od the things I've done over the course of time.

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