Andre Chesini

Los Angeles, California

About Me

Born in Brazil, Andre is currently based in Los Angeles,

Working as a Cinematographer and Steadicam Operator.

Andre started DPing short films in college in 2006, prepped by cinematography courses led by Lucio Kodato, ABC and Alziro Barbosa, ABC at CINETVPR (South American Superior School of Cinema and TV), from where he graduated.

Andre carried on by working as a Camera Assistant, apprenticing under great DPs, such as Carlos Ebert, ABC and Lauro Escorel, ABC.

He now continues his Cinematography studies at UCLA Extension with masters such as Deland Nuse and Charles Rose, AIC.


I have been in the industry since 2006.

REEL Cinematography and Steadicam
Added on 7/12/2012
REEL Cinematography and Steadicam of Andre Chesini. more at andrechesini.com

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