Bijan Rafie-tari

Los Angeles, California


About Me

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz California.

I graduated from San Francisco State University December 2012, as a Broadcasting Electronic and Communication Arts major. I have experience in production offices assisting production executives and coordinators, handling documents, working on various sets, and making runs. I am very eager to learn all that I can about the industry and hope to one day produce adventure video content.

I have interned at two production offices in Los Angeles. Working at FremantleMedia North America, I have learned how a production office operates by acting as an assistant to Executives and Production Coordinators. The internship educated me on how to properly make phone calls, process all production paper work, organize company drives, prepare calendars, and organize emails. Discovery Studios taught me how to handle paperwork, do research for development, and gave me an incredible insight on how the industry works. I learned how every position in production operates and the roll they play to the overall show, company, and network.

In San Francisco, I have worked on numerous sets as a production assistant for a production company called The Producer’s Loft. Being on set taught me how to assemble equipment, handle props, lighting, sound, and cameras. Working closely with an editor, I learned to edit footage for clients. Producers as well had me make errands, handle parking, pick up and drop off clients during shoot days.

My resume is enclosed to provide you with specific details concerning my background and qualifications. I am certain that a face-to-face meeting would more fully reveal my positive attitude and ability to meet your expectations. Thank you, for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bijan Rafie-tari

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