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Birdman Inc is a full service location scouting business that has provided unique and thorough location solutions for over 20 years.

Working with local and international photographers, art directors and producers, the team has developed a reputation as one of the best location services for still photography and small video productions in Northern California. With a client list ranging from Audi to VISA to Williams Sonoma , BirdMan Inc has built and organized an extensive location library over the past 20 years.

The team of highly skilled photographers, known for their fine art and portraiture independently, bring an exceptionally high level of vision, craft and creativity to all of their scouting assignments.

In addition to fresh scouting, BirdMan manages a 750,000 image digital library which swiftly cross-references subjects, names and descriptions. The tool is intended to help art directors streamline the process of turning their ideas into realistic locations, to help the brainstorming process at front end of campaigns and to help photographers find unique solutions for their assignments. From homes to roads to offices BirdMan always provides a variety of great solutions.

Unlike many digital location services, BirdMan Inc is not an open library to browse through. We believe that open on-line libraries are often vague and time-consuming to explore. Intently focused on creating an on-line service which provides concise results while maintaining a sense of human interaction, BirdMan Inc wants personal contact to be first on the agenda.

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