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As a first career, music illuminated the original path of creative outlet for me. I combined my passion for music with my prowess for computers through midi technology. This began the segue into computer animation at the turn of the millennium, and culminated with the completion of a depiction of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" in 2004. The exposure that I received from "The Raven" inspired me to seek a degree in character animation from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. While at A.A.U., I worked as a subcontractor at a local video production company. The work was difficult but gratifying when--during my last year at A.A.U.--I landed a contract as lead animator for a biography about General MacArthur at the MacArthur Museum in Norfolk, VA.
And now I recently moved to San Francisco for employment and continuing my education.

I have been in the industry since 1997.

Brian Davis Demo
Added on 5/22/2014
Factory was done for a class project. A robot that breaks down and is rejected. Bathroom is an ego (1970's disco type character) toon that is checking himself out in the mirror. Audio was from Silver Streak (1976) Gene Wilder's voice. Pride before the fall, is a athlete that starts off a bit rusty that shows off. Trex is motion tracking with a trex at my local park.

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