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CARTONI manufactures a wide range of Fluid Heads for both Video and Film applications. From the lightest DV camera to the heaviest STUDIO/OB configuration, CARTONI provides you with the most suitable fluid head you need.

CARTONI Professional Tripods are the ideal mates for all CARTONI Fluid Heads. Tripods are available in both single or double stage extension, handcrafted in sturdy alloy or in lightweight carbon fiber.

The CARTONI Pedestals are portable and compact system for STUDIO and OB application. They consist of a single elevation pneumatic column and a foldable dolly. Avalailable in 2 models P-20 and P-50 featuring respectively 25 Kg and 50 Kg. load capacity.This elevation unit, suitable for STUDIO and MAXI tripods, combines the height range advantages of a standard pedestal with low cost and robustness. Weighing around 4 Kg ( 9lbs ), features a maximum elevation of 35 cm.

Manios Digital & Film - Cine Gear Expo NY 2011
Added on 9/29/2011
David Butler, National Sales Coordinator for Manios Digital & Film showcases the latests products from PAG and Cartoni. These include stackable batteries, as well as a 3D Lambda rig.

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