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With a degree in the fine arts from the former Atlanta College of Art and current Savanna College of Art and Design, I have over 10 years experience in design, motion graphics and video editing. I have produced projects solo and as a team for broadcast, display, and web. I have worked as a motion designer and video editor on projects for top agencies including BLT Communications, Mass Market, Siltanen & Partners, Integrative Logic, Merit Andrew, M3 Studios, 2020 Exhibits and many more.
I craft and stylize creations in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Final Cut Studio, Premier and Cinema 4D. I use my talent and imagination to bring style and vitality to the project. I command the experience and technical knowledge to deliver on a tight deadline. I can be relied on to carry the production process through from concept to delivery on time and without excuses. I carry myself with a can do attitude. I am always up for a challenge; I am project driven and full of ideas / work-a-rounds to keep a project moving without the dreaded “Artist Ego”. I am always willing to step outside my job description to do what it takes to make it for both my team and my clients.
My strong suits are using typography, color and composition to create stylized short format commercials, animations, ID’s, and presentations. I have managed the sole production of many commercials, B-to-B videos, web features, and presentations. I enjoy the entire process of a project and consider myself a digital video generalist.
I have experience but would like to grow more in areas of VFX, Compositing and 3D animation. I love to create quirky experimental projects in an effort to learn and grow upon my knowledge and experiences. I am always on the look out for cool techniques, treatments and innovative workflows.
An added benefit is that I am serious artist as well as a member of several video, photo and design groups. My passion for exploring and discovering sources of inspiration is multiplied by my DSLR, which has led me to also become an iStock contributor.

I have been in the industry since 2003.

Motion Designer
Added on 8/22/2013
Working with top agencies including: BLT, Pongo, Siltanen & Partners, Merit Andrew, M3 Studios, Play Network, Poya Pictures, Kobel/Fuller, M-Factor, Kern Agency, Lehman Millet, and more to create videos and animations for Broadcast, Digital Signage, On-line, Case Studies, Mobile and DVD content, for clients including The Avengers, Total Recall, Prometheus, Panasonic, Western Digital, Disney Chanel, Opra Winfrey Network, Boy Scouts of America, Mercedes, HP, Sizzler, Call of Duty, Book of Mormon, Keith Sweat, Victory Water, Hess, Cisco, and more

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