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Santa Fe, New Mexico

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I will assist, coordinate, manage any production onset, backstage or in the office and I will ROCK. Ask Taylor Swift, CMT, Nickelodeon, and the founders of MULTIPLE Music Festivals and CEO's of Production Companies. I have 10 plus experience across multiple industries -mostly music festivals/tours and entertainment TV, but also hospitality and merch, to advertising/media and tech, and sales. I refuse to waste time: I will run to get where I am going faster. I may not look cool when I run, but I promise you- I am cool, calm and collected and I communicate-bc communication is key! I know my way around a set and an excel spreadsheet. I work smart and hard and will make you laugh hard too-either at me or with me!

Talent Coordinator
Added on 4/26/2019
Have you ever been to rave at 5am? I have! I worked with DayBreaker and CMT and solo managed the hired talent Lindsay Elle for the entire pre-event to the 2017 CMT Awards. Then I ran over to the venue as I was the Talent Coordinator-made sure everyone made it to their correct seats on time, signed the poster and met with the press. Did I mention I also was in charge of producing and delivering 75 completely sponsored gift bags to all talent and hosts?

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