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Pioneering the use of Remote Phosphor Technology in film, television, and photography.
Since the introduction of digital lighting into film, television, and photography, color rendering has been an issue. The inherently discontinuous light spectra of traditional LED sources has made it difficult for a digital light to approach the color rendering quality of a black-body radiator like a tungsten filament.

Cineo Lighting utilizes the latest advancement in lighting science, Remote Phosphor Technology (RPT), to eliminate those color-accuracy issues. Instead of relying on LEDs as a source of illumination, TruColor fixtures rely on a separate phosphor substrate to emit high-quality predictable light when excited by high-frequency wavelengths like blue LEDs. The result is a continuous linear spectrum unlike any other digital light developed for image capture.

Color temperature remains consistent throughout the lifetime of the fixture, because the phosphors are not subject to heat degradation, unlike typical white LEDs. Color consistency fixture to fixture is also guaranteed, because it’s easier to accurately coat the phosphor “recipe” onto a substrate instead of directly onto a diode.

All Cineo Lighting products employ Remote Phosphor Technology and are focused on attaining the highest quality light and utmost power efficiency.

Cineo Lighting Announces New LightBlade Edge Products at NAB NY 2018
Added on 11/2/2018
An interview from the 2018 NAB Show in New York City with Tom Yuhas of Cineo Lighting. Cineo Lighting was founded to produce the highest quality lighting systems available for the motion picture, television, and photography industries. By pioneering cutting-edge technologies, Cineo creates high-output, compact light sources for image capture, in all power ranges, which exceed the capabilities of traditional lighting tools. In this interview Tom talks with us about their new LightBlade Edge line of LED production lighting. The improved modular fixtures provide enhanced user functionality and easy rigging features. All NBCUniversal LightBlade fixtures – the new Edge, the LightBlade 1K, the Ladder Light, and the LB800 – use proprietary phosphor-converted white light LEDs, as well as phosphor-converted saturated color LEDs, to create a balanced, natural-looking spectrum. Individual Blades are the key component to the modular Edge fixtures. At 24" (610mm) or 48" (1.2m) wide by 2 1/2" (64mm) deep, the individual LightBlade bring you both versatility and a low profile footprint that can efficiently and discreetly light even the darkest and tightest corners of your set. Each individual Lightblade can operate as a stand-alone fixture, with internal AC power supply, control electronics with DMX and Local control. Combining superior white light with innovative full-gamut saturated color technology, a single LightBlade delivers up to 5,000 lumens at an 80-watt power draw. Both 24" and 48" LightBlades are among the most powerful linear lighting engines on the market. The Edge fixtures offer a unique modular design. LightBlades are integrated into the mounting system to create the Edge 160 (2-Blade) and Edge 320 (4-Blade) fixtures, delivering 10,000 or 20,000 lumens. The LightBlades in the Edge fixture can be set to operate as an integrated light source, or they can operate independently for dynamic lighting effects. The Edge modular fixtures offer the simplicity of a complete lighting fixture with the flexibility of individual LightBlade control. Developed in partnership with Cineo Lighting, NBCUniversal LightBlade products are versatile, lightweight, silent and flicker-free, and built to endure the wear and tear of staging and production. For more information please visit: http://www.CineoLighting.com

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