Colin McDonald

North Hollywood, California

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With countless hours of production experience, Colin McDonald’s film career has spanned several countries, a magnitude of camera and lighting materials, and, at times, diverse clientele, narrative and commercial. His work on 35mm and 16mm film projects may seem in stark contrast to his stereoscopic endeavors, but as one of Colin’s favorite directors, Tsui Hark, once said, audiences “go to the movies to feel, not to understand.” Colin has always viewed celluloid, stereoscopy, lighting, and color palettes to be mere tools used to serve a story and its characters. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, he was raised under midwestern values. He is a proud alum of Chapman University’s Dodge College of Media Arts, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production and a Minor in Advertising. He was also fortunate enough to study film at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. Colin is an avid traveler and movie goer, having traveled as far as Busan, South Korea to attend the Busan International Film Festival as a Film Studies Ambassador. Colin has since moved to Burbank, California where he works with a variety of cameras, systems, and rigs (F-65, Alexa, RED, Canon, 3ality, proprietary beam splitters, Steadicam, etc.). A full list of his works can be seen at www.colinpmcdonald.com.

I have been in the industry since 2009.

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