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About Us

Leader in teleprompting, captioning and subtitling software. DVD, WebTV Crossover Links, Webcasting and V-Chip software. CPC celebrates 28 years as the leading provider of CLOSED CAPTIONING & SUBTITLING solutions. We offer award winning MAC & WINDOWS closed captioning/subtitling software for HD, DV, Webcasts, tapeless workflows, DVD’s & Blu-ray. NEW 1) YouCaption Real-time captioning software w/ speech recognition & 2) Auto Time Stamp automatically synchronizes spoken dialogue w/ captions. We interface to Final Cut, Avid Media Composer 5, and many Matrox, AJA, Blackmagic, Manzanita & Omneon products.

CPC is the only company that has been developing captioning software for 25 years, and operating a captioning/subtitling service for more than 20 years. Our captioning professionals know captioning inside and out.

We caption and subtitle everything:

* All Videotape (HD & SD) Formats
* DVD Captions and Subtitles
* Blu-ray Subtitles
* Flash
* Windows Media & Quicktime
* YouTube & Google Video
* iTunes/iPod/iPhone
* Tapeless HD (MPEG-2)
* Final Cut Pro XML
* Avid MXF/AAF

Save Time and Money!

* HD, SD, iPhone, YouTube, Blu-ray and more
* Twenty five years of captioning experience
* Keep quality control in-house
* No need to ship tapes
* No generation loss

Closed Caption Service, Made Easy

CPC makes captioning easy for our customers. We give you complete control over your project without requiring you to mail tape or lose quality due to generation loss.

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